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The Pursuit Of Happiness Through Sports

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Sports have been a contributing factor to many people’s health and well being. Not only that but it also brings about a lot of happiness that people find within these sports. Many find a form of happiness with collaboration with their team while others may find it in being able to try their hardest and do well, sports has it all. Many people who play sports seem to be happier in life, they also talk about it as if it was a large part of their life and was very important to them. The article Team Sports, Happiness, and Health by Christopher Peterson on Psychology Today says, “being a member of this team is one of the fondest memories I have” which helps to show how sports and being on teams helps many and helps them with their happiness by adding collaboration to their life.

John Stuart Mill talks about in his theory for finding true happiness that you must “let your self-consciousness, your scrutiny, your self-interrogation, exhaust themselves on that” and with that, you will find true happiness in your day-to-day life without worrying about yourself and being able to focus on other things and move on with your life smoothly. I agree with this statement because I have found that as I begin to realize that I shouldn’t be self-conscious or worry about how others see me, I start to feel happier and I tend to not worry so much but instead I focus on school and I do better all around whether social or academic. John Stuart Mill says that he will “still hold to it as the best theory for all those who have but a moderate degree of sensibility and of capacity for enjoyment” and you will see it almost every day. The people who tend to be sad or unhappy like to beat up on themselves and constantly doubt whether they’re good or bad and the people who shine and smile and laugh are those that love themselves and are happy with who they are.

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I’ve read up on this theory to see if it is true or not and I found that many seem to be happier when they do sports or have any sort of team that cheers them on or makes them feel good about themselves. I find happiness in sports and not only in the team collaboration aspect but also the bettering of myself helps to cheer myself up and make me happier than I am when I am not doing a sport. Studies have found that team collaboration along with the exercise will make for a great combination to create happiness within a person. Many who have others there to cheer them on will be happier and that will help give them the extra push they need to finally be truly happy and not have that self-doubt that so many have within them. A lot of people are not strong enough to be really happy without others there to encourage that happiness, I know it is very hard to find happiness without anyone around to help you achieve that which is why sports are such a great avenue to true happiness.

With my own experiences, I seem to find it time and time again that sports help almost everyone achieve that happiness that they long for. Although there are some that would rather find it in their art or something else all on there own which I find great but I know I am not one of those people to be able to stay happy all alone. Going to practice everyday is definitely a chore and it might get rather time-consuming but for the long run it is worth it because you will most likely find happiness in spending the time and bonding with your team that you have grown to love and if you don’t, maybe try a different sport or try your own thing. Now I know that the way of finding true happiness is subjective and each and every person has their own twist on how they can be happy which makes it very difficult to generalize everyone and saying that one thing will make everyone happy.

John Stuart Mill is pretty close when stating that letting go of your self-deprecation will help to make you happier in life than you would be normally. It tends to be a trend that people who love themselves are usually happy and successful and can really spread their wings. Through my experiences and observations over the years, this is the way that many find happiness and I have too in this way. Articles that I read supported that even more by showing that sports made people happy because it made them believe in themselves and trust that maybe they weren’t as bad as they thought they were. Having this support is very important in your life and I think it is a reason why so many gravitate towards sports generally. Like I said earlier I feel like sports is an avenue for true happiness along with self-acceptance. I agree with John Stuart Mill that self-acceptance is a crucial part of being happy and I have said it for a long time that if you want to be happy you have got to love yourself because that is how I got to be who I am today.

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