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The Reality Behind Media and Information Technology

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In today’s generation, it is evident that media and information technology is widely used by people all across the globe. Kids and teens are taking massive amount of it everyday. As I grew up, I became more and more interested on media and information technology. I constantly engage with it. It played a vital role in my day to day life as it became part of my daily routine.

Media and information technology has its pros and cons. If they are both used in a right way, they can actually impact our lives in a positive way. Like what Uncle Ben of Spiderman said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Media keeps me aware by blaring the happenings on the outside world. Happenings of what the world is like today. There are so much more than what I can perceive. Media gives me access to grasp those information I haven’t known yet. Information technology gives me opportunities to branch out my social circles. I can remember my grandma telling me stories of their days where information was limited to oral transmission or written letters only. Nowadays, distance is not an obstacle and the world seemed to have shrunk into a small place. With just one hit of the send button, you can exchange messages with others in a matter of few seconds regardless of how far are you form each other.

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But these benefits cannot clothe the negative impacts of media if used extensively. It can be useful but it can also be harmful at some point. There was this time during our examination week, I procrastinated and was too confident that I can pass the exam without reviewing my notes. I allotted much of my time interacting with my cyber friends and binge watching all day long. As a result, my 4th quarter grades are lower than that of my 3rd quarter grades. Moreover, I sometimes tend to forget the happiness that the outside world is offering due to too much consumption of social media and information technology. Instead of collecting memories of me having quality time with my friends and family, I collect likes and comments in my social media apps.

The media and information technology is irresistible and alluring to teenagers. But they are just like any other things around us, how we use it depends on us. I came into a realization that I should be the one controlling social media instead of I am being controlled by the social media. Also, it takes us an amount of discipline and responsibility not to let it steal too much of our time. Therefore, media and information technology is helpful but too much of it is bad.

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