The Reasons Against War On Drugs In Philippines

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It violates the right to life. The war on drugs established a violation of right to freedom from execution by the extrajudicial killings (Dickson, 2019). The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights has signed the recognition of right to life. Under the ICCPR, the right to be free from death includes arbitrary and extrajudicial killings. Dickson (2019) also stated from the article that the death of Oliver Dela Cruz who was shoot in Bulacan is an example of denial of the right to life. Despite of the problem of extrajudicial killings accusations, the administration, police and militia group hasn’t been charged from their actions.

In line with it, another reason for me to be against war on drugs, it doesn’t follow the due process law. According to Cabuenas (2017) the government has claimed 3,800 was killed in the campaign of war on drugs were drug dealers who fights back at the police. It doesn’t matter whether the person is associated with drugs or not, there’s no justification or approval to murder them because there is due process which is part of the international human rights framework. According to Longman Dictionary (n.d.) due process is said to be where one cannot be deprived of life without proper and legal procedures. That’s why they are called extrajudicial killings because due process doesn’t take place.

War on Drug’s campaign is said to be unsuccessful since it doesn’t really end the problem it self. Hence, it has created a society of killers wherein, there were a lot of police who has used and abused their power and has not been recognized by their wrong actions. We all want a drug free society we can’t solve a problem by killing or eliminating people without its proper process or procedure

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In opposition with the claims, there are said to be good things that the war on drugs campaign has did, one of it is were it demands all health officials to grant rehabilitation servicing and intended to have a community based interventions (Lasco, 2017). Despite the actions taken, it doesn’t have made a huge impact yet; at least the campaign has been an eye opener to the Philippine government.

Although the campaign has been brutal, the drug war has appointed powerful local politicians that have been associated with drug dealing (Shen, 2018). She also states that there were 20,000 people over the country that has been sentence to death because of illegal drugs, consist of drug dealers and users. Little did we know that, included in the murdered drug dealers, were mayors and deputy mayors.

In conclusion, the campaign wasn’t considered bad after all. It somehow has its own good purpose; we just have to look on the brighter side of it. In reality, there were also different country supporting the war on drugs campaign, one example is the United States government because it aims to reduce the illegal drug use.


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