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The Reasons and Factors of Teenage Suicide

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Teen suicide is on the rise. The rates of teen suicide have gone up rapidly in the past two decades. Studies have shown that there are various reasons as to why the rates of teen suicide have gone up. Teen suicide is usually done by those between the ages of 13-19. Suicide is a tough subject especially when it’s done by the young people in this generation. When it comes to the current society there is more pressure on teens to live up to a specific standard. Bullying also plays a huge role in teen suicides. Substance abuse may contribute to the death of young people.

In the 21st century pressure is everywhere. Especially when it comes to the young people. The need or desire to be “perfect” usually implemented within the minds of young ones through social media. When it comes to fitting societies standards, teens (who still don’t have fully developed brains) think that they need to follow what society says. If that means gaining a thigh gap or dropping ten pounds, regardless many teens feel as if they do not fit within the standards. When they have this feeling of not belonging or emptiness there’s a sense of “why am I here”. When teens feel they can’t fit in they feel as if there’s no purpose to life. Many teen suicides are associated with the lack of self confidence and feelings of “not fitting the image” that society has drawn up for them.

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Bullying is usually the main cause of many teen suicides. In any form bullying is wrongs. It drives innocent people to do crazy things such as take their own lives. Whether it’s cyber bullying or in person bullying, there are huge impacts. Bullying can be name calling, fighting, tormenting, and even in some cases threatening. Many teen suicides are usually caused by bullying. Many people usually reach their breaking point and that may be suicide. Bullies usually don’t take into account how words and actions can hurt. It’s until later that the bullies realize that they’ve done damage. Bullying causes lots of mental and emotional problems that may result in teen suicides. Many victims usually show signs of being bullied but until it’s too late no one really realizes.

Studies have shown that many teens commit suicide through drugs. When a teen has the opportunity to abuse a drug with the feeling of “not existing” they use the drug to commit suicide. Many teen suicides have been caused by drug overdosing or exaggerating the amount of any drug given. “Popping pills” is one of the most common ways many teens get the chance to overuse a drug. Simple supplements such as Tylenol can be taken in large amounts which is abuse of a drug. When this drug is taken more than needed it starts to mess with the insides of the body, soon vital organs begin to shut down. When any drug is taken it alters the brain and when large amounts are taken the brain is a bigger target be be affected. Substance abuse causes impulsiveness which sometimes can lead to teen suicide.

Teen suicides have been caused by a number of different things. It’s hard to be exact about what truly causes the impulsive acts of many teens. It could be due to drugs abuse, lack of fitting in, or even bullying. The human brain is not fully developed until the early 20s. Many teens do not understand the real consequences behind suicide. If teens have the opportunity to do something they usually will regard potential problems that may follow. Teen suicide is a large issue that has been increased as the years go by.

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