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The Reasons of Abolishing of Capital Punishment

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According to Wikipedia the term capital punishment is also referred to as death penalty which is done through execution and is a state form of punishment to serious crimes committed by someone. This form of punishment is done after passing all the due processes of the law. Debates among various interest groups on the abolishing the capital punishment has been going on. There are those who have argued for and against on its morality, practicality and usefulness have been raised allover

There are those who believe that is a form of murder thus one’s life is ended thus life being sacred then the right to life has been violated. Furthermore, there is that belief that when such form of punishment is instilled, then it is a way of punishing someone for a wrong done hence way of reinforcing morality in general to the society. Opponents of capital punishment in contrary argue that, when such very behavior is legitimized then we have the scenario of the law repressing its citizen through killings and moreover when used in petty offences it becomes immoral because it is not in comparison to the damage that has been done. They argue that this form of punishment violates the rights of life to an individual which then makes it inhumane.

Although historically death was a way of dealing with criminal acts and even supported among some religious groups it remains sacred. There is an increase in campaigns against it by a number of religious institutions leadership in particularly within Judaism and Roman Catholics. In some states like Israel it was abolished with the catholic head, Pope John Paul II condemning its practice and referring it to as a form of cruelty and not really necessary form of punishment to humanity.

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One can be punished due to errors since judgment is done through proofs and evidence. Sometimes we find people are fraudulently accused for what they did not commit hence be punished for what they did not do. Judges are just as human who can make mistakes and even with corrupt court systems then they can be bribed and innocent person punished in adverse situations.

It is a morally just action which can be practiced in the world today. This sis a way of expressing moral outrage in our society towards conducts among individuals that are offensive. This form of punishment acts as a way of discouraging bad behavior among citizens of a country to follow legal ways in doing activities. There are argument that it si not morally right to live someone who has killed another one to live, since they too need not to.

It is a way of preventing activities that are criminal in nature in the society today. Data from countries which hold death sentences against criminals indicate that we have few cases of the number of crimes in those countries. This is because criminal activities are more unlikely to engaged by people due to death penalty hence lowers the cases. With this then people will be able to follow the law and reduce the rate of criminal activities being done.

Many people are in prisons due to appeals done against their judgment. This has congested our prisons hence a burden to the state in funding or running the correction facilities. Most of the cases could have been dealt with and cleared for purposes of justice to prevail. With capital punishment then the cases in our courts could have been finished and the loads of cases congesting our judicial systems dealt with and concentration channeled somewhere else. There are a lot of other development programs that the huge chunk of money could be diverted too for the growth of the economy.

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