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The Reasons On Why Coming Out Of The Comfort Zone Is Necessary

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While we are constantly taught to do what makes us happy and be where we feel comfortable, this might not be the best advice for curious, innovative young minds who are always in search of new adventures and continuous growth. Here’s why the ‘ Comfort Zone ‘ isn’t always a safe zone, and Why we should overcome it, in order to reach the ‘Growth Zone’.

01. Comfort zone keeps us stagnant, with no room for change

It makes us carry on with our regular routines every passing day, in the same way. People tend to miss out on many life-changing opportunities and challenges because they feel uncomfortable outside this comfort zone. We are afraid to think outside the limits and we restrict our ideas, plans, and new ventures in life into this comfort zone. Simply, we might miss out on numerous wonderful activities and experiences because of the inability to beat the comfort zone and take risks.

02. Makes us give up on our ambitions

Ambitions are the driving force of hardworking people. Some people have sky-high visions while some people have short-term small targets. These not-so-ambitious people settle for whatever that makes them comfortable. They settle down where they can barely survive with what they possess. They have no room for development and they never step-up their targets. While on the other hand, ambitious people are continuously seeking mental, spiritual as well as financial growth. People restricted by their comfort zones are afraid to dream big, they fear failure.

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03. Takes control of our emotions

The comfort zone seizes or limits the opportunities of building new friendships, acquaintances and other relationships. The main reason for this is the incapability and dislike of embracing new environments and fear of connecting with new people. There might be many reasons which affects this; such as abusive past relationships, saddening and heartbreaking scenarios etc. However the past should not be powerful enough to stop people from moving forward in life. Therefore, we should try and overcome the past fears in order to embrace the upcoming wonders of life.

04. Limits personal development

All the above mentioned points eventually adds up to this. Being stuck in the comfort zone limits how far we think, limits our social interactions and in turn limits our wisdom. It stops us from having high-end visions and makes us settle for less. It cultivates negativity in the mind, and makes us see the impossibilities instead of the possibilities and great results.

So this is why we should try and break through our comfort zones; to achieve new heights in life, career as well as love.

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