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The Reasons Why Indians Prefer Working Abroad

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When I was in college many of my batch mates wished that after college, they want to get a job abroad and settle over there. Many of them got a job in countries like Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, and many other places. They didn’t only get a job but also are settled over there and doing well. Now, when I look back at those days, I wonder why they were so eager to go abroad and settle over there? The trend is still there, or it has become more aggressive along with time?

However, according to studies it has been seen that there is an extreme surge in the number of Indians settling in abroad and it is increasing day by day. Don’t you think it puts a big question mark to the work culture and policies in our country? What is going wrong in the industrial sector in our country that people are opting to go abroad for their jobs and ultimately settling there? So, I thought of doing small research by myself and find out what are the opportunities that Indians get in abroad that they are so eager to move out from their own motherland.

1. Higher Pay

This is the number one point that I found out while I was doing my own research. The people who seek overseas job want higher pay for the work they are doing. This is an issue that the Indian companies tend to overlook! The pay scale over here is very less if you try to compare with the foreign countries. For example- If an Indian company is paying Rs.50 per hour for their work, the companies abroad are ready to pay almost double the amount for the exact same work. Hence more and more Indians are looking for job opportunities outside India.

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2. Easy work Visa

This is also another point for which the trend of going abroad has increased in the last few years. Before Visa for any country was not easily available but nowadays many countries like Australia, Canada, and New Zealand have made the policy of easy work Visa unlike countries like USA and UK. For example, Canada will allow you to become their residents for a various qualified reason, such as employment, if you have close relatives, even if you want to start a business over there you are welcome. If you getting Visa easily why won’t you go and stay in a place where you will get not only a good lifestyle but also better job with better package.

3. The declining workforce in Japan

Now Japan is a small country but if you closely take a look at their economy you will notice that it has an aging population. The maximum population of Japan is made of old people who have reached beyond the age of working or about to reach. So, the crisis had been created over here only as their workforce has lessened down. To increase this workforce the government of Japan is giving lucrative deals to the people from other countries so that they go over there for work purpose and settle down. Therefore, the job opportunities for Indians have opened here also for them who wants to get out of the country for a better pay scale and work environment.

4. Work-life balance

I think for someone this is a very basic need that we Indians don’t get. But in abroad you cannot ask your employees to work after hours or to come to the office on a Saturday or Sunday. If their employer tells them also to come, they can directly say no without being afraid of getting fired. But in India, this is not the case, just the opposite. Here are some of the popular opportunities that Indians are getting from abroad that they can hardly get in India other than these there is also various other reason that they get in abroad such as No Reservation System in the workplace, Better Quality of Life, No VIP Culture, Employees Right many more. Now, what do you think, in the coming years the growth that is expected in India will more people prefer to stay back in their motherland and explore the opportunities? Or will the trend continue?

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