The Relation Of Diseases To Diffusion And Barriers

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Diffusion and barriers affect the impact diseases have significantly. Diffusion is the spread of people, ideas, cultural practices, etc. from one place to another.

Barriers are usually associated with something negative, the closing of something. But in the case of diseases it may have positive effects. When barriers such as distance did not allow humans to travel long distances, the spread of diseases was minimal. They mainly affected small, local communities. Nowadays, through the time-space convergence travel is much simpler and a disease can spread to every corner of the world in a matter of hours. Because of this, its confinement can be troublesome and very costly. Hence barriers that do not allow mankind to travel may have some positive effects. Air-born diseases are a serious issue when it comes to infections. That’s why barriers may stop the spread of diseases from one region to another. That’s how the Zika virus was spread in Haiti after the earthquake when volunteers arrived. People of Haiti have not seen the Zika virus back then and they were not ready for it and this caused the outbreak. If there were barriers not allowing volunteer workers to come to Haiti none of this would have happened. But we mustn’t forget the good they did, which leads to the other point.

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Diffusion has allowed for the spread of people who volunteer with the fighting of diseases. In case of, for example, Ebola thousands of people volunteered to help and secure the area as well as the people living there to avoid further spread of disease and death. Since people think more globally now due to diffusion, they are more keen to help others who are less fortunate. People who came to Africa to stop Ebola were prepared in terms of technology and knowledge, the things that natives lacked, as they were practicing mainly alternative medicine. Yet, thanks to those who volunteered Ebola was stopped from spreading and its casualty counter has stopped early. This shows that thanks to diffusion diseases can be spread but also stopped.

Knowledge is another very important factor that is a part of diffusion. By raising awareness and spreading knowledge, many diseases can be prevented from entering our systems. For example, HIV is a virus transmitted through the exchange of bodily fluids. An effective method used to prevent ”catching” it are condoms. Through diffusion, millions of impoverished and/or uneducated people have gained the ability to perform safe sex. This way HIV is effectively stopped from spreading. If not for the diffusion of knowledge, millions of people would still be spreading HIV today.

In conclusion, barriers and diffusion may have both positive and negatives effects. They help as well as prevent the spread of diseases. Thus, diseases are affected by barriers and diffusion in a noteworthy way.

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