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The Relationship Between Technology And Science

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Due to the environment of today’s society, the relationship between science and technology has become bigger every day. Technology helps science to discover more information and knowledge. Science and technology mend together but serve completely different purposes throughout the world. Science has a goal to answer questions and increase knowledge and the goal of technology is to find solutions to the more practical problems in the world. Technology has helped science to discover new information that would have never been possible. They serve each other for the better in many different ways. For many years’ technology has helped to improve the sciences surrounding plate tectonics. The technology has been able to provide the world with new discoveries surrounding natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis. Another area that technology has helped improve sciences is in the medical industry. Organ transplants are now being completed with the help of 3D printers, saving many lives form organ failure.

Plate tectonics play a major part in geology. The theory of plate tectonics explains how crustal plates move around within the surface of the earth. Geologists are finding explanations for geologic events such as earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes, as well as the many other natural processes that form, transform and destroy rocks. With new groundbreaking technology, scientists now receive the help of computers and software. Scientists have developed ground this technology allowing them to now detect when natural disasters are going to occur. Over years of work, computers have been developed to reveal how the giant plates of rock that we live on will crash, dive, and drift against each other, shaping the earth throughout its history. Scientists are discovering new ways to build a tectonic plate model that could help to better understand the factors that makeup earthquakes. Computer models that simulate the motions of tectonic plates which make up the earth’s crust are becoming more relevant and powerful each day. Recently, researchers have created a new model of the Earth, with two decades in the making helping to predict the movement of one plate relative to another. The model can help scientists predict future tectonic plate movements. According to Chuck DeMets, a geophysicist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, “along the boundaries where plates meet there are lots of active faults. It's useful to know how quickly the plates are slipping across those faults because it gives you some feeling about how often large earthquakes might occur.' With the help of technology, the earth is now going to be watched with a much closer eye, being able to predict these disasters. The technology will also hopefully be able to reduce the damage of natural disasters in the future, saving people, homes, towns and even countries from losing everything.

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Scientists have created a new model that is the best of the best and very accurate at monitoring and predicting the motions of tectonic plates, the way in which plate boundaries deform and stresses within plates. This new invention mainly focuses on the part of the earth where the layer of hot rock underneath the earth's crust flows, the mantle. Artificial intelligence has been a helping hand in various applications such as customer service, trading and healthcare. Now researchers have found different ways that AI can be used to predict natural disasters. With the use of good quality datasets, AI can predict the occurrence of many natural disasters, which can be the difference between life and death for numerous people. Some of the natural disasters that can be predicted by AI include earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions and hurricanes. AI systems can be programmed to analyse data that concerns the magnitude and patterns of earthquakes and predict the location of earthquakes. Floods can be predicted through AI technology with applications that record rainfall records and flood simulations to predict and monitor floods. AI systems can also accurately predict volcanic eruptions with the help of seismic data and evidence surrounding geology. By the use of satellites, AI can predict and monitor pathways and the intensity of hurricanes and tornadoes. With the use of all of this software, AI will be able to predict natural disasters, saving thousands of people around the world. Although artificial intelligence is thoroughly advanced, the limitations of AI are preventing the use of technology in real life applications. One of the limitations of AI is that it contests with humans in the volume and speed of operations, but its quality of making a prediction is at a lower level. There are many times where AI can make mistakes, and this can prove harmful to the world. The data that is programmed into this technology is collected by humans which may contain flaws, resulting in inaccuracy throughout artificial intelligence.

Technology has benefitted many areas of science, but one major part of this is the process of organ transplants. According to Health Direct, it involves the process of 'removing organs from a donor and transplanting them into someone who may be very ill or dying from organ failure. It can save the life of the person who receives the organ.” Organ transplants include a procedure where one person received an organ from a donor, helping them to replace this dysfunctional organ. However, now with developed technology, scientists have been able to produce a 3D printer that can make organs for ill patients. Scientists have discovered ways to print an artificial version of the body's complicated vascular networks, which resemble our natural passageways for air, blood and other vital fluids. this new invention has helped save many lives and will continue to do so for many years ahead. Creating this new technology has been a life changer for medical procedures due to the low levels of donors available. The crisis of organ shortages has been around for many years, having 114,000 people on the waiting lists only in the United States. Another problem that bioprinting organs has found is the rejection of the organ. Even after a successful transplant, patients have to take immune-suppressing drugs in order to prevent the likelihood of organ rejection. With this advanced scientific technology now available, the percentage of these problems are dropping. Even though this new scientific technology is so great, it comes with limitations. For example, a downside to the invention is that the construction of a 3D printed organ takes a long time to print. Due to the printing of complicated organs, these transplants can from hours to complete. The problem surrounding this issue is being able to maintain the cells in a physiological environment throughout the extensive process of printing. This involves having strict control over the temperature and humidity of the printed construct. This is needed because cells are very temperamental and sensitive to their environment. However, through the advancement of technology and science, this ground-breaking mechanism is a very important feature in the role of organ transplants and can help to save many lives.

The relationship between technology and sciences has proven to become life-changing for many people. With the advanced society we live in today, many lives have and will be saved. Technology and sciences build off each other for the better and if one of them were to not be available, each area they both relate too will become dysfunctional. Through being able to detect natural and deadly disasters to being able to 3D print vital organs for transplants, the relationship between science and technology is vital in the world today.

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