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The Rise of Samsung: Why it's Bigger than you Think

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This is OOCL Hong Kong, the largest container ship ever built, with a length of 400 (399.87)meters and width of almost 60 meters (58.80M), it can carry 21,413 20 foot-long containers.In comparison, Boeing 747-8 is just 78 meters long and it’s the world’s longest passengerplane. And this ship is built By Samsung, the exactsame company that’s competing with Apple to dom inate smartphone industry. Even if theyare lucking behind recently. For many of us Samsung is just another techcompany that’s trying to catch Apple but in truth its much bigger than that.In fact, your phone X couldn’t be made without the help of Samsung, these two companies mightwage a war against each other in public, but they work together behind the scenes.

Samsung has pretty much a monopoly when it comes to OLED screens so Apple has no otheroption but to turn to Samsung to provide its iPhone with those screens.The reason your iPhone price went up in recent years is that Samsung knows that they arethe only one who can fill apples gigantic demand. So they set the price.A 110 Dollars out of every iPhone X sold goes directly into Samsungs pocket.The company is soo big that it accounts for 17 percent of South Koreas total GDP.In this video, we are going to dive deep and figure out, why Samsung is building tanks,why on earth are they manufacturing fighter jets.But before we get into the details, and answer all these questions we have to take a quicklook at the history. HistoryIn 1938, Right before the world decided to tear up apart each other into something thatlater was named as World War 2, a guy named Lee Byung Chul founded Samsung, and back thenit had nothing to do with electronics at all.

The company was simply selling noodles, fishand locally grown groceries. Who could have imagined that it would growto a multinational conglomerate? Especially then the Korean war broke up and almost putan end to the dreams and hopes of this fresh startup.However, Wars aren’t always bad for business and the Korean war turned out to be more ofan opportunity than an obstacle and Lee Byung Chul couldn’t let that slip away.The country was devastating, Americans on one side and the soviets on another, and theKorean people were the victims in the middle, the famine broke and most businesses weredestroyed by the war.So Samsung jumped in and took advantage of the situation and established itself as aleader in a wide range of industries. They started their line of insurance, forexample, retail, security, you name it!But where did they take the money from when the country was broken.

Well After the war,the United States pumped billions of dollars into the South Korean Economy and since LeeByung Chul had close ties with the government, he secured a great chunk of that investment.the company was growing at an unprecedented speed, in the late 1960s, it was time to getinto electronics and their first product was a black and white television set, which atthat time was a huge success, they have sold up to 10 million of them. that led them toget into other electronic markets such as telecommunication and build their first telephonemanufacturing systems that would lay the ground for their future smartphones decades later.By 1990s, Samsung was rising as an international conglomerate. Its construction branch wasawarded a contract to build Petronas towers, Burj Khalifa, the current tallest tower inthe world.However that wasn’t what made them so successful.Their major strength came from pouring billions of dollars into research and development tomanufacture electronic components. By 1992, they became the largest chipmaker in the worldright after Intel, ten years later, the company became the world’s largest manufacturer ofliquid-crystal display panels.On the other side, Samsung had its eyes on the military industry.

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They were confidentthat they had the resources to at least get a respectable position in this industry, atleast in South Korea. – Military divisionIn 1977 Samsung started a new division, Samsung Precision, it later was renamed to SamsungTechwin. Its first product was a camera, it might not sound impressive but it was a bigdeal back then, but you know what was bigger than that. In partnership with General electric,it started manufacturing jet engines for Korean aircraft in 1980.And after a few years of R&D;, the company was ready to introduce its first self-propelledartillery, they even exported some of them to turkey.It’s probably the on ly smartphone manufacturer that’s also trying to take over the militaryindustry. In 1987, it changed its name again to SamsungAerospace industries because now, it started making helicopters. Your name should suityour product.

Their military division was growing so fastthat in just 10 years, the started manufacturing Americas F16 locally in Korea.However, 2014, marked the end of Samsungs military division. the company decided tosell Samsung Techwin to another South Korean Conglomerate.- Obstacles But not everything was sunshine and rainbows.Two years later (2016), people lost faith in Samsung smartphones.After the introduction of Galaxy Note 7. The expectations and the demand for the productwere at an all-time high, breaking pre-order records. It was their first phone with USB-Cconnector, curved display and iris recognition system.However, some of the users complained that the phone literally exploded, it turned outto be a manufacturing defect in the phones’ batteries that had caused some of them togenerate excessive heat, resulting in a little explosion. Even when Samsung exchanged theaffected phones for a new version. that didn’t solve the problem because the new versionhad the same problem, so on October 10th of 2016, Samsung recalled the Galaxy Note 7 worldwideand ceased production. It’s estimated that It cost Samsung 17 billiondollars in lost revenue. It was also involved in financial scandals,antitrust issues, and on and on.

This type of incidents suppose to damage the entire reputation of the company and drivethe stock price below the ground, but not Samsung, they smartphones revenues aren’tmaking a significant chunk of their overall revenue. the stock actually increased duringthat period.present successtoday Samsung has over 80 other subsidiaries, employs over 300 thousand people all aroundthe globe. Its a major manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, semiconductors, chips, and flashmemory devices for clients such as Apple, Sony, HTC and Nokia. It is the world’s largestmanufacturer of mobile phones and smartphones. It’s also one of the first companies to develop5g capabilities. In fact, you can already get a 5g Samsungphone but I really doubt that there is 5g in your city, we still have another few yearsto go before 5g will be available to everyone, or at least in the major cities.And I haven’t even mentioned their television branch since they have been dominating theentire market since 2006. In 2009, Samsung sold around 31 million flat-paneltelevisions, enabling it to maintain the world’s largest market share for a fourth consecutiveyear.

Following its success, it launched 3D TVsthe next year, and in the first 6 months of the launch, it sold over a million units.Impressive, right?! Another industry they have their grip on isSemiconductors. Just recently, in 2017, they overtook Intel as the largest producer inthe industry. They manufacture everything from SDRAM tographic chips. They supply Sony with NAND FLASH, DRAM. EvenApple relies on Samsung for these chips. Their other notable customers are Dell, AT&T;, Verizon,and the list is beyond what we can cover in this video.Of course, their strangest relationship is so far with apple since its some kind of hateand love relationship, but that’s how it works in the corporate world. In 2005, they providedmemory for iPod. But in 2011, Apple filed a lawsuit againstSamsung over the design of its galaxy phones, accusing Samsung of copying iPhone’s design.Although Apple was granted a preliminary injunction against the sale and marketing of the Samsung GalaxyTab across the whole of Europe excluding the Netherlands.

The ban has been temporary. Becauseby the end of 2012, the UK High Court ruled that Samsung did not infringe Apple’s designpatents and Apple was forced to issue an official apology.The interesting part of this hate and love relationship is, the trade between the twocompanies grew exponentially on the other side during the same year. Samsungs’s revenuecrossed 8 billion dollars for the first time just from components they sold to apple.Samsung seems to have reached a point where it’s too big to fail, and with its close tiesto the government, it seems like it will keep growing and dominating other markets!

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