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The Role And Significance Of Father

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We cannot deny the importance of a father. We can no longer dispute the role he plays in the home. But how important is a father? And how difficult to grow up without a father?

In the bible, from the beginning, we know the role that our God has given to a father. God gives him the authority to lead his family. He should only be the pillar of the home. A big decision should always come from him. His permissions and advice should be honored.

The father is a man who always willing to provide and protect this family. Being a provider of the family, he needs to give the best for his children. Whatever the needs of his family he will always make sure that he will provide it. For him, being a good provider is one of his goals and he considered it a big achievement. He feels happy when his family is happy. He feels satisfied when his children are satisfied. His heart is jumping when his family saw all his sacrifices.

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A father is also known as a person who has a big responsibility in disciplining his children, of course with the help of his wife. Most of the time all children in a family are afraid of their father when they saw him angry or when they are disciplining by their father, but that fear is with respect. They know that when he speaks a final word no one can change it. Our father is very kind in heart but in terms of disciplining he knows what is best and effective for all of us to be disciplined.

Even our father is very strict in terms of discipline, we can surely say that he is also one of the loving and thoughtful people we know. His discipline always accompanied with love to correct us. He is also one of the very strong people in the family, but his heart can easily be broken when his children are broken. Sometimes are father always shows his serious side, but he is also one of the funniest and jolly people we have in our life from our infancy until now. He is also the bravest and boldest man who can face anything, especially when he and his family are facing some difficulty. He is not afraid to fight for their problems because his goal is to solve it and make his family feel better.

Our father is also a protector. He will protect each one of us in a way that he can do. When he is in our house, all of us feel that we are all safe and secured. We all know that no matter what happens he will do his best to protect us. For example, when he has a daughter and someone wants to court her, the quick response of a father is to know that person first, to check the background of that guy and to observe what is the real motives and intentions that guy has for his daughter. All of us can relate to this, but this is very normal to all of us, we know that this is one of his ways to protect his daughter. Another example is father protection for his son when he notices that the friends of his sons have vices like smoking, the father will talk to him and explain the wrongdoings of his friend and what are the consequences he can face when he will continue to go with his friends. That is also the father's way to give protection to his son's life. Our father is always concern about our protection.

The role of a father is very important and without him, it is difficult for his children to grow up to be good people. A father will always have a big part and impact on his children's life. A father should always be the role model for being a good person. He is also a good example of being responsible in life. We should always honor him and respect him. We should also follow his authority inside our family. As he loved us, we should also love him back.

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