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The Role And Significance Of Mother

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A mother is a person who is known as a strong woman and a flexible one. She plays an important role in all aspects of our life. All of us, we call her the light of our home. In the four corners of our house, her light always shines.

She is the most lovable person in the whole world we all know. His unconditional love, unending care, and life sacrifices are those things that make a way for her to be connected with us. Our hearts and lives will always be connected in her heart and life. No matter what happens or no matter how far the distance we are right now from her, her love will never change. Even sometimes we tend to focus on the other people and we forgot her, she is the one who will make a way to win us back again.

Our mother has a deep connection with us. This connection definitely cannot be compared by anyone else. No one can describe or understand the strong connection and bonding of a mother to her children. We know that our connection to our mother starts from the day we born. Because of that connection, she can even understand us when we are infants without any communication. She knows when we are hungry, she knows why we are crying, she knows when we are sick and she knows what makes us happy. This connection continues til in our adult life.

A mother is a person who always there for us in times of happiness, sadness, tough times or any season of our life. She is always willing to listen to all our life concerns. She is the first person who feels hurt when we get hurt. She is our loyal and number one fan whenever we have big or small achievements in life. She is the most concerned or worried one whenever we are in the wrong direction. She is the one who can always forgive us no matter how many wrong things we have done. She is always willing to accept us when all the people around us cannot accept us. She is a person who can understand us.

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Her role in our home is not only a helper or nanny. Many people have a wrong understanding and perspective about the role of a mother in a home. Some people look at her as a helper or nanny because she can do all things inside the house and others look at her as a villain because some of the members of the family misinterpret all her advice. We should look at her as a special and important person in our family, without her all of us will suffer in many things. For example, if our mother is not in our house and no one can cook food, who will cook? If someone in our family is sick, who will be willing to sleep late and take care of him or her? Those are a simple example of the time that we can’t live without our mother.

We can surely say that without her we can feel that something is missing. Whatever situation we have in our life, believe it or not, we always want her to be with us. Because we know that she is the only person who will be willing to stay with us until we get better. We know that she is the person whom we can trust. She is our shoulder that we can always lean on. She is our strength but for her, we are her strength.

The love of our mother cannot compare to the love of other people. She always looks after our family and protects all of us. She always tries her best to give the best things to her children. We can also describe the word mother as selfless love, because for her to make her children or family happy she can give and sacrifice anything.

All of these words are not enough to describe how much we admire our mother. She is so amazing. One important thing that we can give to her is not only our words of respect but more important is also the love that our mothers wanted from us.

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