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The Role Of English Language In The Field Of Advertisement And Business

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An advertisement is a bridge that connects the two worlds between manufacturers and customers. According to Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, an advertisement is a picture, short film, song, etc. which tries to persuade people to buy a product or service (3rd ed). According to the Advertising Association of the UK, advertising is any communication, usually paid-for, specifically intended to inform and/or influence one or more people. (Advertising Association of the UK). Advertisement can be political, business, or personal through different modes such as mass media, multimedia, live showcasing, direct sales, etc. The origin of advertisement can be traced back as early as 2000 BC, sometimes four thousand years ago when Ancient Egyptians invented advertising by carving public notices in steel (Fox, 2011). The evolution from steel to a digital advertisement has taken many turns along its way up to the present day. Advertising is for everybody including kids, young and old. It is done using various media types, with different techniques and methods most suited. Advertisements in mass media are fascinating, exciting, and creative in this world of globalization. They are an integral part of our day-to-day life. It plays a vital role for a company to promote its sales and increases revenues (Kannan & Tyag, 2013). However, this paper attempts to examine only the fundamental objectives of an advertisement. Furthermore, it examines the use of the English language as a vehicle in the promotion of the brand manufactured by companies around the world. There are three main objectives of advertisement and they are discussed in the following paragraphs.

The foremost objective of advertisement is to inform the intended marketplace. It is all about new product information reaching the targeted customers. The product must be publicized for a better market both within and outside the country. This is the very first phase towards fulfilling the business goal (Pahwa, 2019). If the consumer is not informed of the products then it is quite sure that the company will face doom. The company must regularly inform the consumers from where they can get the products. Different forms of multimedia could be used to reach the information of the brand near and far markets. It may be done through the internet, Facebook, we-chat, messenger, Twitter, television, newspaper radio, etc. The local market alone is not at all possible to fulfill the goals of the companies whether it is small, medium, or large scale. The producers should go beyond the local markets for better trade. With the invention of the different Media, they have made the job of reaching information to every nook and corner of the world easier. One cannot reach the information to the consumer at one go as the demographic feature is not statics. This feature of demography helps to establish and sustain the goods-producing companies. Many a time producer turn out to be a failure in the business as they fail to reach the information to the consumers. Many societies may not be conscious of the availability of the item due to the absence of information.

The next prominent objective is to persuade the buyers irrespective of class, caste, creed, and social status to buy the products. The influence should be better enough to create and convince to form a brand image and stimulate a positive outlook towards the brand. If the advertisement is service-related then it should be clever enough to convince the employees about the service-related information. While persuading the consumers one must think of the choice of words that influence the consumers. One should have a passion to maintain interpersonal social skills while dealing directly with the consumers. Whenever the advertisement is made through the media, one should be clever enough to communicate in a fascinating manner revealing the truth while persuading consumers of the items. Today the consumers have become smarter than the producers that they can easily catch what they intend to say or do. The advertisers cannot simply deceive the customers which would mean one-time business only. If a business has to survive and flourish then one should not make dishonest announcements to deceive the customers. The advertisement and the brand quality must match so that customers' circles can be increased in a rippling manner.

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The third important objective of publicity is to remind and reinforce the brand message to reassure the customers about the brand vision. It helps the brand to keep the enthusiastic buyers within its proximity to avoid losing to other competitors in the periphery. Sometimes lip publicity also helps to gain the heart of the consumers. In this regard, advertisement through media alone is not enough. Direct lip marketing is equally important which can happen through the employees who can make a great difference in the deal of newly manufactured goods. Therefore, the proprietor and the manager must gain the trust of the employees working in the company. Every now and then the clients must be retold of the perfection of the existing and upcoming products too. At a certain interval, the company should float the bonus which would encourage and keep the customers within control. The institution must not forget to provide incentives to the staff of their service besides their monthly payment which would motivate them to work hard for the success of the organization. Similarly, it applies to service seekers as well. The employers too need to make a parallel kind of reminder in order the keep the candidates, interested in serving in the company.

A language is a powerful tool that can persuade people and their attitude in the field of advertisement and business. The selection of words to express explicit messages with the objective of inducing people is crucially essential. It is very crucial for the advertiser to use business language which creates a huge impact in the minds of the customers but should not use ambiguous terms. However, the language should be effective enough to communicate the message clearly to the customers (Panda, 2015). The graphic publicity has a great impact on the consumers. However, it is a language that helps people to recognize a product and remember it. A product company should make convenience for the customers’ decision-making process easier as they have to know what suits them and to make budget prioritizing. Advertising needs to educate the buyers on the features and accessibility of different products in the markets. It should help the purchasers to compare different products and choose the best product for them. All these can be done through language and communication. The English language is known for its great deal of vocabulary. Without rich vocabulary, advertisement becomes lame. It cannot make a way for a brand into consumer markets. Those vocabularies should be related to the brand which can easily attract consumers.

Many languages across the globe have limited vocabularies, synonym, and homonyms but then English has comparably more, making the advertisers easier in terms of choice of words and meanings. Different advertisers can interpret brands using the English language in multiple ways. Media, when they have a new item for an advertisement, the marketing and advertising personal, have to consider the emotive power of the words they use. Before they advertise anything they have to make a choice about what to communicate and what to reserve. They need to choose the appropriate terms and play with those to gain the customers’ attention. The advertisers adapt compound words and use an adjective for the benefits of income generation. Later on, these compound adjectives come into regular use even in common circumstances. Examples of these compounds have become part of the English business language such as ‘top-quality, economy-size, chocolate-flavored, feather-light, long-lasting’ etc (Kannan & Tyag, 2013). The advertising language normally appears positive and gives emphasis on why one product stands out in comparison with another. The publicizing language may not always be accurate language in the usual sense. For example, comparatives are often used when no real judgment is made. An advertisement for a detergent may say “It makes clothes cleaner” but cleaner than what (Linguarama International, Alton UK, 1992 – 2000)?

To conclude this assignment, this paper dealt with the major objectives and the role of the English Language in the field of advertisement and business. Without these three core objectives, a company cannot withstand. They are the guiding principles for any goods-producing industry. The words like ‘inform’, ‘persuade’ and ‘remind’ may look like very ordinary words but then they are key elements to operate the manufacturing plants. If these words are not taken into consideration then it is very sure that one can see the fate of the company within a short period itself. Therefore, these three core objectives are inevitable without which a manufacturing industry cannot establish at any cost. Language is another important aspect that cannot be avoided. In the field of trade and commerce, language is equally important to be considered. English as a global language is more important than the local as it can make a greater impact in influencing bigger markets across the globe.

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