The Role Of Environment In The Book The Fault In Our Stars

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The environment in the book 'The Fault in Our Stars' is a big part of the book. Through the environmental descriptions in the book one can imagine the scenes in the head and this makes it a good book that arouses the interest of the reader. The author John Green has done it well, and it is a part that makes the book fun to read. The book has a nice environment that captivates the reader through the descriptions.

There are two different ways to describe the environments. They are referred to as referring to environmental description and design environmental description. A referencing environmental description is when a character in the book or when the author himself describes the environment for the reader and a shaping environmental description allows the reader to read in and feel the environments where the characters move. In this case, this book contains both a reference environmental description and a descriptive environmental description, since the book is presented from the main character Hazel’s perspective, however, there are paragraphs from the book where one has to make one's own picture. She is the person who explains how it looks around her and it is also she who tells how both the social and physical environment look. She explains how something looks, how it smells, tastes and feels and also how they sound. She also describes what feeling she gets from the environment she is in.

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The main place that the story takes place in is Indianapolis, and this place is where everyone of the main characters in the book lives. Her life in Indianapolis merely revolves around her home, the hospital and the support group. Hazel describes Indiana as someplace where she feels confined: 'It was a cloudy day, typical Indiana: the kind of weather that boxes you in'.

John Green's way of writing is very good because he writes with clear environmental descriptions that the places are imaginable. Usually, I exclude the environment when reading these types of books, but in this case it is difficult to exclude the environment. Hazel lives and visits many different places in the book. In the book's introduction she spent most of her life at home, but with the help of Augustus her life began to resemble a healthy sixteen-year-old's life. After she met Augustus, she wanted to visit the Netherlands. When they were in the Netherlands I noticed extra clear descriptions, which may be because the environment in the Netherlands differs from the environment in Indianapolis. “There were elm everywhere along the canals and a lot of seeds blew from them. But they did not look like seeds. They just looked like minimal rose petals drained of color. These pale petals gathered in the wind like birds flocking - thousands, like a spring snowstorm”.

The mood of this story varies depending on which part of the book you are reading, since the book deals with several different aspects of life. Some scenes can have a romantic mood, but others can have a really sad and melancholic mood. In the introduction, we can sense that this story is bittersweet. It is depressing to know that someone in the support group will die and even to know that we, ourselves, will die. For that reason, the mood of this book is often sorrowful or full of grief. A quote from the book is 'Small boats were moored by the brick beaches, half full of rainwater, some of them were near to sink.' This quote shows the grief that lies in the book, because even though Hazel and Augustus were in Amsterdam and enjoyed being together in Amsterdam. This quote has a ton of sadness in it, which helps convey that feeling throughout the book. This book contains many different emotions like shock, worry and curiosity. The reader experiences emotions from Hazel, throughout her story and adventurers. The mood change as Hazel does. When she is having a good day, the mood of the novel is cheerful. When she is having a bad day, the mood of the novel is depressing and melancholy. The fact that I can relate to her gets a deeper emotion between a character and a reader because it allows the readers to really 'see' what it would be like to live with cancer.

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