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The Role Of Guilt Concept In I'll Give You The Sun

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There are always times when your looking back regretfully and realize things that seemed right within the moment, but no longer do, that feeling keeps us imprisoned in the past. I’ll give you the sun is a coming of age novel by Jandy Nelson based on real life mistakes, choices and experiences including guilt, everyone experiences it at one point in life, we give ourselves permission to feel guilt even though we cant control it, the only way of overcoming guilt is honesty and forgiveness.

The two main characters who bear guilt in i’ll give you the sun are Noah and Jude. As the novel goes on we see secrets come to light. One week before their mothers date Jude and her mother fight nonstop about her outfits and boys. Noah discovers the truth about his mother’s secret affair with Judes sculpture mentor. Jude loses her virginity the same day her mother dies, “After this happened with Zephyr, my mother died. It was me. I brought bad luck to us” Jude feels guilty, she believes the two events are linked and on the same day Noah tells his mother he hates her for ending things with their father.

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Noah and Jude face many obstacles throughout the novel, the betrayals go out of control. Jude was incharge of mailing her and Noah’s applications to their dream school, she throws away Noah’s application out of jealousy. Along with that she plays seven minutes in heaven with Brian, the guy Noah likes, this fills Noah with grief and anger. “I don’t worry when I blow off Jude that night and the night that follows. I don’t worry when she comes back and finds Brian and the hornets on the deck” Noah ignores Jude for an entire summer along with that he destroys one of her favorite drawings, they betray each other so much they end up hurting themselves by feeling so guilty.

“Unresolved guilt is like having a snooze alarm in your head with forgiveness and honesty being the only ways of shutting it off”. When all the truth comes out with honesty we learn why everything led to what it did , blaming others seems futile,and because of honesty we don’t have to blame, instead being honest ends up relieving our guilt and allows us to forgive. Towards the end of the novel all secrets untangle and the truth between Noah and Jude is revealed. Jude and Noah spent so much time being mad at each other that they end up being left with no energy to fight and blame one another. Instead they forgive each other for being honest. Keeping guilt bottled up ends up being such a waste of time when we realize we could have just been honest.

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