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The Role Of Intelligent Machines In People's Lives

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In recent years, people and machine start working together in many organizations, this development takes attention of the majority of people, many of them worry about their jobs and most of them think that machine can take their jobs. Authors of this review read seven articles about people and machine topic from 2010 to 2019 and we can see some advantages of an engaging machine in organization such as enhance of performance which constructed from making a survey and data collecting. Also, new jobs will be available for people because of technology based on survey result and example of a real situation. Moreover, machine will help to improve efficiency and safety of the work, which supported by providing examples and taking the information from international conference on intelligent robots and systems. Also, humans can focus more on tasks that require a human skills and lift the repetitive task for the machine to do it which support it by German research foundation DFG and reviewed of 37 documents. Additionally, machine has strong and good impact in workforce which constructed by some research, author experience and global survey. Also, the company who tries to replace the people by using machine will fall off someday which constructed by some research and author experience . On the other hand, several million jobs worldwide are under threat.

Job opportunities are the biggest concern in integrating technology into the work environment. Many think that technology will reduce job opportunities. Two research show that there will be more job opportunities with the technology. technology can increase job opportunities by involving people in developing the software and modifying it. Also, people decide which program to use in different situations and fixing any problems. AI won’t replace people’s jobs but it will create new jobs like AI Builder, Customer-Robot Liaisons, Robot Managers, AI Lab Scientists, Data Labelers, Drone-Performance Artists and Safety and Test Drivers. On the other hand, two authors consider that a lack of skills is the cause of low opportunities. McKinsey conducted a survey which show that 70% of companies change to new technology because people doesn’t have the appropriate skills to deal with machines and prefer robots since it is faster and more productive. The existence of technology might put job opportunities under threat because they lack training.

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Moreover, many people think that machine can accomplish complex work. For instance, Clint Heyer said that ‘ robots are used to improve the safety, effectiveness and quality of the work’. Also, they perform operations quickly and repeatedly,they help humans to do difficult tasks , because they have multiple characteristics which can do multiple hard tasks to reduce harms to humans. On the other hand , Marco Faber said that robots can be mostly used to build or complete simple tasks but humans are still required for the complicated tasks that depends on the human skills. moreover, Malone said that machine own specialized intelligent which means ability to achieve a particular goal in a particular situation while people own general intelligent ,which means ability to meet many goals in different situations. In addition, people is a very important part in any organization to understand customers need on the marketing and product development. Barro have worked with Some companies which was machine-dependent, but it was unable to perform the tasks alone and then they hired new staff to do complex tasks. All of this means that people are more capable to accomplish complex work then machine.

Also, Engaging machine in an organization It may be valuable in term of enhancing the performance of employees. Besides, the technology can provide new opportunities for HR department by increases the efficiency in delivering services, decreases the administrative-related work. Moreover, creating new job positions will deliver unique economic and opportunities, which will resolve the issue replacing humans by machines. Also, humans with machines along to reimagine business operations efficiency. On the other hand, these emerging technologies will present several challenges for the employees. for example, some researches show that several million jobs worldwide are under threat, There may not be employment opportunities in other sectors for these employees because they lack sufficient training.

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