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The Role Of Language In The Life Of Humans

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Language plays a very important role for humans, it is a unique feature of human society to distinguish it from other animals. Language is used as a means of thinking, or it is also understood that language is the 'shell' of thinking, the mode of expression that wants others to understand the thoughts, needs, desires of the village through words. Language energizes the brain, forms thoughts and makes it possible to communicate in a complex way. The vocabulary, idioms and slang that make up our language will largely determine how we see and understand the world. If you only knew one language, the world would have clearer restrictions. But is speaking bilingual or even multiple languages all that is required? Does that really open the world for us when Google Translate can do it simply with one click?

The brain is an extremely flexible organ, from birth to old age, the brain grows, adapts, learns and remembers, even after an injury. Language is an essential part of how the brain works throughout life, but like the brain itself, science has not been able to give a complete picture of how language can communicate in the interstitial path nerve system.

The brain, like any other type of muscle, is also active, and actually being fluent in two or more languages is one of the best ways to keep them healthy and help prevent the process of degeneration, like dementia. In fact, bilingual people have noticeable symptoms of Alzheimer's disease more than 5 years later than people who speak one language and speak only one language. This is a significantly longer period than what modern medicine or pharmacy can do. Surprisingly, this benefit is noticeable even for illiterate people.

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Knowing two languages actually benefits more specifically and specifically for people who often speak two or more languages at the level of a native speaker, and it is important to change the language more often: The brain of New Yorkers of Puerto Rican origin who use both Spanish and English in everyday life are actually more agile than those who know a language. A study by the Singaporean research group who grew up and used authentic Asian accents and English often came to the same conclusion. That is people who know two languages often do not change languages or use only a limited language like just at home, showing much less benefit.

Cultural conditions are also a big challenge, saying more than one language helps us feel more connected to the world, or maybe we have one more “personality'. Numerous studies support this view, showing that bilinguals score higher on tests that show a more open minded and culturally sensitive mindset and a more relaxed time when looking at things from another cultural aspect. Therefore, knowing two languages is considered to make people know two cultures or more cultures if you speak more than two languages, a great advantage skill in today's borderless world, move and get used to new cultures as well as new people.

Language helps us understand this world and can even affect how we view and describe the world. According to a recent study of German and English speakers, the hypothetical worldview of German speakers is considered a holistic view - they tend to look at events in a holistic way. can - meanwhile, English speakers often pay attention to one thing and focus on one action only. Because this trend seems to stem from a difference in grammatical actions. Another example, there is no doubt that Finnish and Arabic speakers can describe the world differently. The Arabs rarely need 40 snow-related words or phrases like the Finns, and there is a big difference in the way an Arab describes their experience of a land. If one speaks both Finnish and Arabic, will not they lead to these two relatively different ways of describing the world which will lead to a different and wider view?

People who speak many languages report themselves as being different when using different languages and expressing emotions according to the language they are using. When assessing risks, bilingual speakers tend to make more economical decisions in the second language. In contrast to the mother tongue, the second language often tends to lack the false biases that can affect perceptions of risks and benefits. In a nutshell, the language you use can really affect your thoughts and behaviors.

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