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The Role Of Self-reflection In Learning And Development

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Self-evaluation is a necessary part of learning and development for any individual. When I look at my own career path and self-reflection, I consider how I would assess myself. I asked myself what my strengths and weaknesses are. By doing this I can identify what I need to work on and improve but also what I can showcase and enhance. In this case I am very organised, but I could work smarter and also delegate more. Therefore, I need to consider ways to work smarter, using partner companies to work with and delegating more to team members as not only will this help me but will help them too.

I would consider what my skill set is and are there any gaps within my skills that the business can support and would enhance both me and the business. On reflection I identified that there is a need to enhance my export knowledge and I have identified a training course that will do this.

Next, I would ask myself what problems I am facing, either in work or home that may be impacting on my performance or be causing a distraction. By facing up to the problem you can face it head on and work to resolve or ask for help if needed.

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I would also look at what I have achieved recently and consider the achievements as wins. It is important to recognise the good as well as the bad in order to further your own development.

Finally, I would look at if I can provide the solutions to any of the issues I have or do I need to discuss with my team or line manager.

By self-reflecting you are able to develop your own skills in a more in-depth way. You are able to recognise your strengths and weaknesses, improve them or utilise in a way that is more beneficial. Once your team has done their own reflection you can consider everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, using them to the best use of the team. Those that are good at organising can work with those that are untidy or cluttered. Working together you can make each other better and more productive.

The personal development that can come from self-reflection and self-awareness can be critical in enhancing and improving the individual’s development. You should not be concerned about finding negatives about yourself, only understanding that by identifying weakness or problems you are being proactive in finding ways to improve and be better for your team.

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