The Role of Social Networks in Knowledge Management

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Table of contents

  1. Increase Visibility or Increase Brand Awareness
  2. Improve Performance
  3. Form Collaborative Networks
  4. Give Content a Purpose
  5. Show Value

Knowledge, in simple terms, knowledge is data that have been shaped into a form that is meaningful and useful to the intended persons. It can also be defined as information that is specific, relevant and actionable.

Social Networks are dedicated websites and applications which enable people to communicate with each other through text messages, comments and using images. Facebook is a perfect example of a social networking site that connects us with family and friends online. WhatsApp on the other hand is an app that enables communication through voice and messaging.

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Knowledge management and social networks both have a similar role of obtaining and accessing new information with the use of technology. Both require individuals to provide and create new content with the intent of sharing. The role of social network such as Facebook and WhatsApp in knowledge management in an organization will be to:

  • • Increase visibility or increase brand awareness;
  • • Improve performance;
  • • Build collaborative networks;
  • • Give content a purpose;
  • • Show value.

Increase Visibility or Increase Brand Awareness

An organization may choose to use Facebook and WhatsApp to inform workers about its workflow and how to access various services/ query the knowledge base. The organization may also choose to inform the intended market what is on offer through adverts posted on Facebook or marketing images/fliers sent through WhatsApp to individuals and groups.

Improve Performance

When workers are informed through the social networks on how query the knowledge base in order to offer better assistance to their clients, the originations performance will be improved, thus creating a positive image of the organization.

The organization can use social media to get feedback through live chats , dedicated feedback forms on their overall performance in service delivery or a product. This feedback will lead to improved performance and customer satisfaction.

Form Collaborative Networks

An organization can use social media to come up collaborative networks for sharing ideas and solving various problems. This would also enable an organization to come up with a Q&A page where that knowledge can be easily accessed.

Give Content a Purpose

An organization can use social media to set up posts as contributions with a purpose. This would open a door to honest unbiased engagement with others.

Show Value

Organizations should use social networks to communicate to the stakeholders that knowledge management goes beyond simple accumulation of data and is instead connected with the act of leadership. Managers will basically manage the organization’s knowledge base, but its management should be placed in the hands of the employees who interact with it on a daily basis while performing their duties.

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