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The Role Of Sports In Physical And Mental Fitness

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A sport is typically defined as any physical activity involving some degree of completion. Some of the common sports include baseball, football, basketball, racing, volleyball, among many other kinds of sports. A person who participates in any sport as a profession is referred to as an athlete. As proved in this essay, while sports are very important in an individual’s daily life, it has its share of challenges.

For children, sports are important in helping them grow and develop. It helps in developing both physical fitness and mental health of the child. Schools aim at improving the physical and mental abilities of children and also instill a sense of good sportsmanship. Participation in sports enables students to avoid the monotony of classwork and therefore enhancing their talents and skills associated with sports.

In disabled children, sports enhance qualities such as self-control, a competitive spirit, mutual friendship with peers, physical energy, tolerance, and social interaction with the other members of society. According to research, sports have enabled disabled children to develop a positive sense of their wellbeing, solving the problems associated with social acclimatization, stigma, and low self-esteem. Several sports events are organized across the globe to enhance positive self-worthy and acceptance of the children living with disabilities. In general, sports are the most useful way of providing entertainment to children in every part of the world.

According to research, the playing of sports helps us to build and enhance our confidence levels. If we practice regularly, they become more active and healthier, and this enables them to avoid diseases that may be caused by excess fats and calories that we take every day (Coakley, 6). These diseases may include obesity, arthritis, heart problems, as well as diabetes. Regardless of whether the sports are professional or not, they are playing a vital role in strengthening our bodies, developing coordination, and promoting our physical and mental health.

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According to Forrester (2006), universities and colleges, universities, and colleges have been seen to provide excellent environments where sporting activities can be upgraded. Several programs in these institutions which are offered to students promote the students’ abilities and talents in recreational activities and therefore boosting their physical wellbeing. The relationship between involvement in sports and academic work has been seen to be beneficial as it refreshes the mind after classes. Some of the students end up taking sports as their future career. Students who take part in recreational activities such as sports end up being the best in class, and their reasoning abilities are hence faster compared to the rest (Forrester 2006). Besides, emotional wellbeing is constructively related to the extent to which a student participated in sports.

Sports provide entertainment, especially when it involves celebrities who do it as a profession. Watching and cheering games provides us with a way of escaping the stress of daily lives. It also helps the people in the community to come together. Sports also improve the economy of countries through tourism and other activities that enhance the revenue of a city or a state. Major sports events are perceived as a crucial element in the tourism strategies of different countries. For a city to hold a national or an international sports event, it has to contribute a particular cost. The costs it incurs are, however, dependent on some certain economic benefits to the local citizens of the country.

Besides sports having numerous advantages, there are a few challenges associated with sports, especially when it comes to injuries. The extent of sports injuries is, in most cases, expressed in terms of the number of injuries per vulnerability or exposure, for instance, per 10 hours in sports participation. According to research, several people tend to fear to engage in sports due to the fear of getting injuries during the engagement. It is with this regard that sports science and medication has been increasingly attracted the attention of many people across the globe. Most countries have adopted sports medicine as the mode of prevention of sports injuries. Injuries have also been observed in causing economic burdens in relation to the cost it bears, either directly or indirectly.

In conclusion, sports are crucial in our lives as it helps to improve or physical and mental fitness. It is also a source of entertainment and revenues for people, especially when it involves celebrities who people enjoy watching. The UN provides that sports by its nature is about inclusivity and citizenship and thus should be respected as a human value and way of living. Besides, sports should be incorporated in all areas of professionalism, starting from school, institutions, and also places of work as it is a vigorous recreational activity that can boost one’s health and improve the reasoning capacity.

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