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The Roles Of Team Work In The Organization

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ARY news is the Pakistani news channel, which was launched in September 26th 2004. It is the part of ARY digital network which is one of the branches of ARY group; it is a bilingual news channel in Urdu and English. This news channel was launched by Pakistani businessman Abdul Razzak Yaqoob.

ARY News, the pioneer of News Channel in Pakistan operates under the philosophy of keeping its viewers “Har Lamha Bakhabar.”. Bakhabar is an Urdu word that means informed, and that is exactly what the channel is struggling to achieve by covering the entire news of the day, of the overall country, but as well as the international news. As this news channel is known because of its news coverage and updates every hours, it also gives update about topics from business, politics and finance, money and stock market to fashion, entertainment and weather updates.

The news channel does as much as possible to reveal the exclusive and engaging news. ARY news channel is streaming in different countries and in Pakistan it is the very famous news channel with a large number of viewers. ARY news network is divided into small units, to achieve the task and perform effectively and efficiently. The news network have different departments like sales and marketing department, research department, monitoring department, human recourse department, finance department, billing department and IT department, the departmentalization increase the efficiency and the duties of the manager.


Team work involves the activity and task performed by individual who work together to achieve the particular goal. In teamwork individuals cooperates with each other, use their constructive skills, share ideas, give feedbacks and avoid personal conflicts.

There are four different types of team; problem solving teams, self-managed work teams, cross functional teams, and virtual teams.

  • Problem solving teams: The main focus of this team is to solve the specific issues, and those are usually temporary problems. The members meet to improve the work efficiency, quality and work environment.
  • Self-managed teams: The team members comes on their own and solves the problems, they come together and form an informal team and work on the problem on their own. This type of team is the most empowered one and can make the decision on their own.
  • Cross functional teams: Workers from different work areas come together to achieve the task.
  • Virtual teams: Members who communicates with other team members through technology to achieve the common goal, and does not interact in person.

Importance of team work in organization

Team work brings new ideas, solves problems, improves productivity and makes the members to brainstorm, which is a good chance for the employees to exchange the ideas and came up creative ways to do the work. Team work is very important in any work place are the benefits it can give are:

Work Efficiency: Individuals working in a team increase work efficiency. The team members work toward achieving a common goal. Members split the difficult tasks into easier ones, work faster, brainstorm, and come up with new ideas. Working in a team also decreases the work pressure on the employees. Responsibilities are divided among the team members according to their capabilities, which results positively and speeds up the work.

Learning opportunities: As mentioned above that teamwork is very important in the workplace to achieve the goal. While working together in a team, individuals meet new people from different backgrounds and different levels of experience, helping them learn and explore new things. Teamwork allows individuals to share ideas and learn from each other, which helps them increase their skills and knowledge. It also improves the working abilities of employees and even become the reason for their job satisfaction.

Promotes strong working relationship: Working together as a team, achieving the goals, and getting successful builds a friendly environment, and employees trust each other. Employees motivate and support each other, work mutually, and communicate well.

Improve Communication: Communication is vital in the workplace to achieve the goal. Persuasive communication plays an essential role in holding the team together, sharing ideas, dividing the work tasks, and creating a positive environment. Good contact with the team members means that everyone is receiving the same information. Through proper communication, team members understand the projects correctly, which leads them to an effective result

Share the work load: Working as a team means working together for a common goal. A task is divided among all the team members. Through better communication, sharing ideas, and creative ways to achieve the task, members find the best solutions for their problems. Each team member has their area of expertise by working together; the members exchange ideas, which create a strong sense of commitment to the work and toward their goal.

Dimension of Teamwork:

The word dimension means the general structure or shape of, when we discuss the dimensions associated with Teamwork, they can be categorized into two main types, and these are Qualitative Dimensions and Quantitative Dimensions

Quantitative Dimensions:

1. Team Performance:

Team performance can vary with respect to the different stages of team development, at the forming stage team performance is close to minimum and as we reach the storming and norming stages of team development, the performance put in by the members also increases drastically, the overall performance of the team is judged by the fact if they have achieved their goals and made profit from working together as a team when related to ARY , a newly established team of reporters and Camera crew are allotted at different locations in the country and they have to work through the stages of team formation to get the desired result

2. Team Productivity:

Team productivity depends heavily on the quality of output that the organization get from the Workings of the team, it is the measure of activities performed buy the team to achieve their goal in a specified amount of time, team productivity also relies on the satisfaction of the members of the team, if they are satisfied then the quality of output will be of much better, in the case of ARY, output is the media that they provide through our television screens, so the quality of the media depends upon the teams that work together to ensure each aspect of the Channel does their job Accordingly

3. Team Innovation:

Team Innovation depends upon the personality and creativity of the members, the different types of creative ideas that are implemented by the team members can be defined as innovation within the team, the different members of the team have their own imagination and can come up with new and effective ways to perform certain tasks, these ideas are the innovative factor of these teams when applied to ARY Channel, many different news reporters have their own way of reading the news and presenting their shows, these Creative Ideas and unique perspectives add to the innovation in the team

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4. Team Effectiveness:

Team effectiveness can be defined as the capacity or ability of the team to achieve its goals, it is measured through the overall performance and the productivity of the team and the satisfaction of the customers in regards to this performance, when Applied to ARY Channel, the different teams of reporters and camera men that roam around every city of the country to update the daily news have to work together to increase their productivity and achieve customer Satisfaction

5. Team Efficiency:

Efficiency can be defined as the measure of the output with regards to the input it depends on how different members of the team execute the different tasks that are allotted to them, Efficiency is increased when a the members of the team work effectively and collectively achieve their goals, in case of ARY, efficiency depends on how each member of the channel’s different teams carry out the tasks that they are allotted, if all the departments within the channel work effectively then the output and the rating of the channel would gain popularity

Qualitative Dimensions:

1. Team Communication:

Team communication plays a major role in team work. Team members share bonds through communication. It help in making the team more effective because through communication employees share their courage, innovative ideas, experiences etc. By communication environment of the company and the work culture becomes better. Team members are more likely to help each other, more able to complete tasks in a timely manner, and more accountable for their roles and tasks, when related to ARY, the communication between different news parties enables a faster flow of news and gossips and create a much lighter mood in the bulletin

2. Team Coordination :

It is hard to achieve goal without coordination of each member. A good team makes the base stronger to achieve any goal. They first set their team rules, give respect to every member, and work together as a team and communication with each other to neglect conflict. When related to ARY Channel, every cameramen, every reporter, and each and every staff member work as a team to make their work more effective and enhance in the eyes of their audience. This shows the coordination between the team members

3. Team Cooperation:

When it comes to working in the team, cooperation between team members in very much required. Cooperation is simply defined as helping each other in tasks. Understand each other as a family members know each other, it helps to understand your team to build with different types of people who might be opposite in their nature or the way of working.

4. Team Creativity:

To make work creative and productive it is important that the team must be creative team. As a leader of the team, must know that every member is different so every member think differently, have different ideas and innovation. So, leader should set the meeting with all the staff and take their points to create creative work and focus on their suggestions maybe those may helpful of the company, if we explain on the basis of ARY Channel, every anchorpersons have their own sources through they get accurate information about any topic. That is why some people likes Wasim Badami and some likes others.

5. Team Leadership:

An effective Leadership is the key to successful profit generating businesses, the leadership style, attitude and behavior of a the leader can make or break the Team morale, a good leader can motivate his team members and provide them with incentives and encourage them to push themselves beyond their comfort zones, where as a bad leader would demotivate his members by not paying attention to his member’s ideas which would cause a major loss for the problem, in case of ARY, the different managers organize which teams of reporters to send to which location and which anchorpersons to choose for presenting different news headlines

Consequences of Mishandling Teams:

1. Anger Management:

If a team fails due to anger management of any one employees than this can create a hostile environment among the employees inside the organization. This means if the team has a hostile environment and works in that environment then the other team members might get upset and cause delays in the completion of the task causing this to be a huge source of demotivation. As a team is to perform together, without cooperation and the tasks being delayed this might cause the leader of the team to push them to their limits to complete the task at hand causing the productivity and innovation among the team to be low.

2. Social Loafing:

Social loafing is when a person puts less efforts while working in the team. This causes the team hardships as they have to carry the load of that single person among themselves. For example a manger has learnt on how to use the management and his power to his personal benefits and distributes his work to his team while he has time to pass.

3. High Expectations

As the team leader has to work on submitting his own work at the assigned time as well as when leading the team, this is a huge demand that the leader has to fulfill while managing people and conflict. This causes the leader to fail the team in not being able to provide proper guidelines so as to when the leader is not present and completing his own tasks the team fails to work properly creating more disturbance in the organization.

4. Conflict Management:

Conflict is a major problem that any team faces when people work together. Conflict can be regarded as a difference of opinion. If conflicts are managed properly then they can create healthy debates and allow to find better options while working on a task and creative ideas. If not managed properly conflicts create serious clashes between team members and disturbs the environment of the team enabling them not to work properly or even disbands the team.

Solutions plans:

1. Anger Management:

It can be hard to stop anger once it affects a leader or infects a team, one of the basic ways in which a leader can tackle Anger, within the team is to give the members that have anger issued their time and space and letting them cope in their own way, to hold counselling sessions to help them tame their temper, and if the overall morale is affected by this stressful environment then the leader can use his or her authority to raise the morale of his team

2. Social loafing:

To prevent social loafing in the team. The manager should create small groups, and assigning tasks according to their interest. So, they can focus on their work with more interest. The manager should use positive reinforcement, such as rewards and incentives to encourage his fellow team members

3. High Expectations:

it is important for the team members to have realistic expectations from there team members so that there is less stress upon performance from each individual in the team creating low stress, having high expectations might result In disappointments at some points. Without high expectations. Its leader's responsibility that leader provides a proper guideline for his team so that there are less distractions when the leader has to work and the team can work perform without the leader being present. Leaders and team will work without stress. The leader will be free from stress because he knows that his team will work properly without his presence and follow all the guidance that the leader gives them before starting the tasks and the team also knows the steps to complete the tasks

4. Conflict Management:

Due to conflict between team members, the environment of the organization gets disturbed. Conflict may cause trust issues, lack of focus on work, lack of motivation and so on. To avoid conflict we should make some rules and follow them.

  1. Address conflict as soon as possible: first to figure out what are the causes of conflict and try to resolve it by taking some steps
  2. be positive: if the staff wants to work in positive environment and stress free environment so they have to be positive in any situation
  3. be aware of personality clashes: in team every member is different with another. It’s the manager's duty to try to understand every employee's nature, personality because there is value to identifying underlying tensions before things get out of control.
  4. Communicate respectfully: every member in the team has to communicate in a formal manner and avoid discussing matters that are personal to others this will allow to maintain a proper decorum and less distractions in the team.
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