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The Ruined Reputation In The Book Speak

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In the book “Speak,” by Laurie Anderson, main character Melinda enters highschool with her reputation ruined. Reputation, image and impression is used in everyday situations affecting social status, self esteem, and professional freedom. How an individual presents themselves through past or present actions is reflected by interactions with others. Why is reputation an important part of success, and how a bad reputation can damage a future.

“Reputation is the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something,” Oxford dictionary. The combination of every one of our actions that is generally reflected by the individuals around us in the manner they treat us or associate with us. The consequence of everything without exception that we do. Individuals who are thriving may constantly worry on keeping up their image, as it is an essential piece to progress. It is known that reputation, similar to every single beneficial thing, needs constant effort. Main character Melinda is forced to learn the importance of image and the effect it has on her life.

The primitive thought behind image and reputation, is to some degree like reward and discipline. In addition to accomplishing profitable things, keeping your word, having good character, will, and moral compass, will ensure a decent impression to the people around. Strong credibility is an undeniable and swift approach to recognize what sort of an individual you are talking to. Humans, business associations, social organizations, governments and nations themselves have a self image. The essence of reputation is how many decided who to communicate to. Although Melinda’s intentions were not to hurt anyone, her peers took it as an act of distrust, ruining her credibility.

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Most social or business collaboration is built up based on the apparent reputation of both contributors. Any business company would abstain from managing another partnership which has fluctuating reputation in the market. An individual would consider not to go out with someone else who is known to have a weak reputation in the social circles. Many are conscious that reputation is critical and individual who choose to neglect it are doing so at their own risk. In Melinda’s case, she started rebuilding her reputation slowly and did not have expectations for the outcomes. She considered what she thought about herself first. By doing so, it actually benefited her reputation and it helped her character development.

Reputation decides the social standing of an individual in society. It is a part of their impact. An individual getting a charge out of good impression is certainly favored for better jobs and for taking up leading positions. Furthermore, great reputation has never harmed anybody. It requires consistency of attempts of character and elegance. Reputation shouldn’t be connected with popularity. An individual can be very relevant, however it may be for all the wrong reasons. Along these lines, the reputation of an individual isolates them and makes them unique. Melinda is seen as a different person when she focused on her creativity, other than faking a change for others to like her.

Reputation is likewise significant for business associations. A well known and credible organization unquestionably appreciates an upper hand over different organizations. It guarantees that the clients and customers remain faithful to the organization. It likewise pulls in new clients who judge an organization dependent on its remaining in the business. A good reputation encourages better marketing situations. It likewise encourages better relations with every one of the partners of the organization. An organization can utilize their image to further their potential benefit by changing over it into a top notch which they can add to the cost of their item and which the clients will pay.

Alongside of the discussion of the different types of reputation, one would wonder how their image is being perceived. In a business viewpoint, managing others opinions is very important for the growth of the company. A measure of reputation can not be quantifiable, there is no rule book to follow, so one can not judge one way.

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