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Apocalyptic thought was an important part of religious reform among Christians in early medieval times. Apocalypse in the Middle Ages made a distinctive impact of ideas about time, power, and evil in church and society. Radical preaching, crusading, and prophetic traditions expressed apocalyptic ideas through class in the Middle Ages. The endtime framed a crucial part of the medieval mental...
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In the play, Woza Albert! by Percy Miwa, Mbongeni Ngema, and Barney Simon, the role of Christianity and the hope of redemption (in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - the subject of the ‘what if’ premise of the play), provides a perspective from which to view the realities of Apartheid South Africa; and criticizes the “hypocrisy of the Apartheid...
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Yeats saw the end of the Romantic Era of Literature and the dawn of Modernism in his time of living. Different fields of art were also undergoing transformation due to the worldwide phenomena that included the two world wars. The romantic period saw a change in the thought process of that era. Yeats focused more on the individual than the...
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What is Eschatology? - Eschatology is a derivative of the Greek word eschatos meaning the end, final, destiny and the logy meaning the study of. The oxford dictionary (2016) definition is the theological study of death, judgment and the final destiny of mankind and the soul. Two main thoughts of eschatology separate into; the first being the end of human...
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