The Seven Deadly Sins Of Kenyans

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Originating in Christian theology, the seven deadly sins are Pride, envy, gluttony, greed, lust, sloth and wrath. Pride is sometimes referred to as vanity or vainly, greed as avarice or covetousness and wrath as anger. Gluttony covers self-indulgent excesses. Just reading these definitions I can feel at the back of my mind ticking of each category with a group of Kenyans or key names from the political class.

These vices somehow aptly define who we are as a people of Kenya and during this period of difficulty, which reminds me of Biblical times, makes one wonder, aren’t these vices the reason why our country is a shithole and why we are constantly suffering with the worst leadership in the world in a democratic setting?

They say that a society elects the best of them. That we pick those who espouse the best within us in terms of business, character, leadership qualities. Now, looking in the mirror, am baffled at that view. Does it mean that our society has only vices and we are clueless on what virtues are? Does it mean our society is the worst of the worst that these leaders are the best we have to offer to ourselves and the world? These thoughts have broken me to such an extent that its time to speak up and be consistent. Be the exception to the general rule that we are a rotten society to the core.

When was the last time you heard our President talk about family values and the need to protect the fiber that holds the society together which is the family unit? When was the last time you heard him passionately espouse the values of a family and defend them? Shouldn’t he the compass that guides us on our moral journey as the world changes everyday. Indeed, the fish rots from the head down.

The Seven Deadly Sins

I believe if our society can elect such a leadership as the best of us, then the seven deadly sins aptly describe who we are and that means as a society, we are divided into seven different evil sections. Which side befits you?

1. Pride: Kenyans who feel as though they own the country: Civil Servants

They are corrupt. They deny us essential services unless we part with a facilitation fee. They are slow and most times unavailable as they are using public resources to enrich themselves. They are the reason why government is so rotten.

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2. Gluttony: The essence of a pig: Kenyan Politicians

They use whatever means to be elected. Then spend all their time eating public resources as they use PR to show fake progress. Them and pigs are related. At one point, pigs held a press conference to denounce their relationship with our politicians.

3. Lust: who is not a lustful person: Kenyan Youth

Unfortunately the youth of this country have little to show for it. It’s not their fault. They have been screwed from birth. In fact they are doing well for themselves given the circumstances of their surroundings. But unfortunately impatience defines their steps. They all want that V8. They want that curvy woman. They want that tall and dark hunk. They want it all now because the elders have the same through theft and corruption. Lust seems to be the denominator of their dreams.

4. Sloth: Justice delayed is Justice denied. So the adage to goes: Judiciary

Injustice is the bane of patience. Nothing frustrates a human being better than being denied justice when wronged. Our judicial courts have cases spanning to the 70’s. The backlog is crazy. Despite modern technology being applied, feels like the place is for snails, tortoises and turtles. Very slow and most often if not, corrupt.

5. Envy: The denominator of one without time to enjoy their loot: Senior Citizens

The elderly have experience. The youth have time. They envy us because of time. They don’t have time to enjoy the accumulated wealth and loot. They lack the energy and stamina to live it like the youth. They destroy the country through their actions and have no time to enjoy what they loot. They never learn.

6. Greed: The scent of wanting more instead of serving the One who called us: The Church.

Prayer is the most powerful weapon on earth and in the heavens. We were even taught by Jesus Christ Himself on how to pray in Matthew 6:9-13, the Lord’s prayer. But instead of the church leadership doing as Christ did, the focus in on prosperity and wealth. No wonder we have sunk to the doldrums of evil because how many are really praying?. We are busy seeking the wrong wealth.

7. Wrath: Anger is the breath of the devil himself. It’s what defines those who are meant to protect us: The Police

Imagine someone who is meant to protect you. You will trust them, right? Wrong. Kenyan police have anger issues. It’s always at boiling point when it comes to them. They are ready to kill. Children. Women. The old. They have no honour in their engagement. The same ones meant to protect us against criminals are the ones recruiting the same thugs. Such a rotten police force.

I have a problem for with the saying that we elect the best of us. I believe the mafia and criminals in this country sound a way to beat the system and rig it against the wishes of the people. If we want a better society then we must deal with the seven deadly sins that corrupt our morals and the very essence of who we are.

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