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The Significance Of Academic And Professional Integrity

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Starting with the definition, academic integrity is described as standard set of rules and regulation in academic field which avoid the chance of academic dishonesty like plagiarism and cheating. Academic integrity plays a vital role in maintaining the high caliber of academic standard by encouraging he practice of good research, honest writing, referencing and academic publishing. Academic integrity is very important for academic progress and on the other hand, we have professional integrity to consistently and willingly practices within the guidelines of the mission of a chosen profession under the obligation of a Code of Ethics. So, professional integrity can be described as the set of rules in any of the chosen profession the follows the honesty in the profession. Both academic integrity and professional integrity are very important in their own place which will ultimately shape the writing and learning skill of a person and help for the career development.

This is the time where following the academic dishonesty is nothing new and is very likely to happen because of easy access of internet to everyone. That means, every people including students doing their assignments or people writing their articles or any other writers doing their work can easily do any misconduct in their work, for example, they can copy others work or any kind of pictures and put those in their work without giving any credit to the original creator i.e. plagiarism. This is where academic integrity comes into play to avoid those misconduct in academic writing and maintain the standard. Academic integrity is important because it helps the person to build the base of academic writing. It encourages people to go through various sources to get a bit of knowledge and gives the appropriate attribution to those from whom you have sourced information and ideas. As a result, person can create his own content by incorporating all ideas and research which will demonstrate the understanding of the material you have learnt and give credit to the original writer. If there is no academic integrity in place, there won’t be any progress in the field of academic writing. People can jot down anything from any sources without giving any credit to the creator. People won’t care about referencing the sources in a proper way which will ultimately makes the sources unreachable to the reader. People cannot develop their writing in any manner if there is no integrity in their writing. Similarly, professional integrity is very important to every individual because it helps him to shape his career. That means, a person having strong integrity in his profession is sought by all organization because they can be productive. On the other hand, people lacking professional integrity can never be transparent, honest and consistently considerate about their ideas because they never come up with their own ideas. Hence, none of the organization are going to look after them.

Nowadays, educational and organizational sectors take academic and professional integrity very seriously because of the reason that both of these factors are connected with the productivity and the reputation of the institution. Organizations which are able to establish the high standard of academic and professional integrity within themselves are characterized as productive and transparent which ultimately boost the work ethics within the employees.

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There will be environment in the institution where the employees can bring their own ideas to share resulting the customer satisfaction and financial growth of the company. Not only organization, integrity helps the people to be confident and productive. It’s not a difficult task to maintain the practice of academic and professional integrity in educational and industrial sector. Students should be encouraged to do the work assigned to them by themselves without involving in any kinds of academic dishonesty. Students are likely to take advantage of the fact that they have access to any kinds of information that they need in any types of source i.e. written, audio, or visual. It’s not wrong to get information from the valuable source that are needed but source of the information should be mentioned. Therefore, students should be taught about plagiarism, referencing and other ideas which helps them to get away from the academic dishonesty. It’s same case with the professional integrity. Organizations should focus about their employees from the base. Organization should always keep an eye on their employees and their work. The only way professional integrity should be applied in any organization is by encouraging the staff with productive ideas and discouraging those staff which are on the way to professional dishonesty. It so helps to build the working environment in the organization, enhance the cooperation between the employees and ultimately helps the organization to grow socially and financially.

It is the era of creativity and innovation. That’s why academic and professional integrity comes into play to save the originality of ideas invention as well as their creators. It seems that people didn’t really care about academic integrity before as they do now. During the late 18th century, the set of someone’s behaviour was defined by their duty, power, and self-esteem. That’s why, any act to promoting the uplifting and building of any of these within an individual was a goal. Any acts of academic dishonesty performed in order to maintain their good name was seen as a necessary means to an end. On the other hand, people didn’t care about the path how they got there. It wasn’t until the end of the 19th century when the goals of the university changed that the concept of academic integrity changed. As a result, many of the colleges, universities and companies teach their students and their employees about academic and professional integrity. Colleges have included the lessons for plagiarism and reference within their course. This will result in improvement of academic writing and profession.

In conclusion, academic and professional integrity plays a vital role to improve the academic status focusing in good research and respecting the source through reference. It will ultimately encourage original ideas to come out.

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