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The Significance Of Baptism In Christianity

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Beliefs and Traditions are inherited habits through specific Religions that are practised daily by their followers. A similarity between all Religions is that each have certain beliefs and traditions. Specific beliefs and traditions are passed down through generations. Through practicing traditions from a Christian perspective, Christians are able to focus on the figure of Jesus Christ and that their Religion is more than a system of religious beliefs. This research report will analyse how beliefs and traditions are lived expressions of Christian life. Examples of these core beliefs include Baptism, this symbolises a connection towards Gods nature. Reconciliation, which allows Christians to be cleansed of sin and conditioned of Christian humanity, Confirmation which allows Christians to understand the true meaning of how they ought to live. And lastly, Easter which expresses the core meaning that through suffering you achieve eternal life (afterlife) All of these beliefs and traditions that I have stated symbolise what Christianity truly is.

Baptism is the Christian religious rite that involves the pouring of sanctified holy water onto ones forehead, this symbolizes purification and the entrance of one into the Christian Church. Baptism traditionally is said to have stemmed from Judaism and was practiced by Jews as an act of cleansing and initiating those converting to Judaism, this relates thoroughly to the Jewish law and tradition named Tevilah. Tevilah is a full body immersion which is also nowadays incorporated into Christian Baptisms. John the Baptist was a Jewish man and is an extremely important factor in Baptism. John was both the creator and starter of baptism.

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In Matthew 3:13-17 Jesus Christ is baptized, this is done as an example for other Christians to follow. Both Apostles and strong believers of Christianity where baptized. In this century all Christians are to be baptized. “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit” (Matthew 28:19) Through this, Christians express their dedication to Jesus and his connection to other practices of Christianity. In Baptism all sins are pardoned, all sins in the past and in the future, once one is reborn in Christ there is nothing standing in ones way of entering Gods Kingdom. Not only is baptism the submersion of one in water and the blessings of a priest but it is also a Catholics step into being welcomed into the Christian Church. Within being baptized Christians dedicate themselves to follow in Jesus’ footsteps, they agree to follow him with love and to always show kindness their neighbour. Baptism has a powerful and moving purpose that not all Christians are aware of. During Baptism one will be placed under the water and then will rise just as Jesus did in his resurrection. This shows the start of ones journey into their new life (Romans 6:4) Through Baptism Jesus gives his believers the gift of everlasting life in the kingdom of God. Baptism is formally stated as identity. Baptism teaches us who we are and that we are Gods beloved children.

Components involved in baptism are extremely symbolic. The gown/garment one will wear is white, the colour of purity and represents that the person that is baptised has gained a clean start through Gods eyes. The clean start can only be achieved through baptism as it describes the freeing of sins from a person from the beginning in Genesis 2. Although the sacrament may vary between other Christian churches, one aspect is always used and that is the use of water and Trinitarian invocation. The origins of these sacramental items are found in the book of Leviticus. Baptism can be performed on any human being who wishes to enter into Gods Kingdom. It is done within the body of Christ (a church) and is done to cleanse ones sins and to bring them into their new holy life.

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