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The Significance Of Human Evolution

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Evolution is the theory that is based on the idea that all species are related and gradually change overtime. Evolution is any change in the heritable traits within a population across several generations. A scientist named Charles Darwin once stated, “The love for all living creatures is the most is the most noble attribute of man” this is because Darwin was inspired by evolution. Evolution is important to this day as it is a major contributor to current scientist’s studies. For example evolution helps us understand disease origins and it also contributes to the understanding that evolution is important to the advancement of medicine, evolution also explains how things change overtime. Darwin originally began his theory in the late 1830s but kept his research confidential for approximately 20 years. Charles Darwin grandfather Erasmus Darwin had originally published early research only for it to be criticized by the church. Therefore, this is why Charles decided to keep his research a private until he had built enough evidence before going public with his idea.

The four processes involved in natural selection

Natural selection is the process where an environmental factor causes certain organisms with favourable characteristics or traits to have more offspring than other organisms have. Darwin had four components that made up natural selection. These four components included variation, the struggle for survival, different survival and reproduction and lastly, population changing overtime. The four components mentioned above were a part of Darwin’s theory of natural selection. Therefore concluding the four principles that make up natural selection.


Variation is used to describe the differences between genes and the resulting characteristics or traits within one species.

  • Coat thickness
  • Thicker coast means better insulation

Struggle for survival.

Where more offspring is reproduced than can survive also meaning that competition exists within the species.

  • When polar bears reproduce, 2 offspring’s are produced and 1 survives

Different survival and reproduction.

Where there are too many organisms for resources available. The only organisms that successfully compete for these resources end up passing their genes onto the next generation.

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  • Polar bears with thicker coats are more likely to survive

The population changes overtime.

Organisms that successfully compete for resources survive, as you would expect, and reproduce, meaning that they can safely pass their genes onto the next generation.

  • The population of polar bears with thick coats will increase whereas polar bears with thin coats will decrease in population

The significance of the theory of evolution

Jean-Baptise Lamarck was a naturalist, just like Darwin, but Lamarck and Darwin had very different beliefs towards the theory of evolution, except for one of their theories, which were very similar. They both believed that change is made by what organisms want or need. Their disagreements however for example were, Darwin had his own four components that made up the theory of evolution and so did Lamarck. Lamarck’s four components included, use and disuse, the increasing complexity of organisms, no extinction and the transmissions of acquired characteristics whereas Darwin’s four components included, individuals of a species are not identical, traits are passed from generation to generation, more offspring are born than can survive and only the survivors of the competition for resources will reproduce. Lamarck’s theory eventually was rejected because he had proposed that the acquired character that organisms need to gain throughout its life practices are passed onto its next generation, but this is not possible because since acquired characters do not bring any changes to an individuals set of genes. Darwin’s theory provided an acceptable means of trusting that everything happens by natural cause and this why his theory was accepted quickly.

How technology has influenced the theory of evolution

Genetic mapping was discovered in 1913 (GRELX, 2020). Human genomes currently hold the record of the evolutionary forces that have shaped our species to be. The advances in functional genomics, DNA testing and population genetic modelling have expanded our view of human demographic history, natural selection and several other topics. The advances mentioned above have also revealed many formerly underappreciated factors that have made an impact on the evolution of the human genome. Using evolutionary theory as another point of view to study these sensations will lead to major breakthroughs in the understanding of what makes humans (Medicine, 2015). Lamarck’s theory was disapproved because it does not explain how life formed and became the way it is today. It was also disapproved because of his study towards genetics, whereas Darwin had an understanding that genes are passed on he just didn’t know how they were passed on .

The Understanding Evolution (Dennis O’Neil, n.d.) website is very reliable and valid website as it was used to access an excessive amount of information on Lamarck’s theory of evolution. This source was reliable because it agrees with the website Encyclopaedia Britannica (Britannica, n.d.) which is another reliable source that helped find information on Lamarck’s theory of evolution. The two websites have very similar theories on Lamarck and are both helpful because of the information they have provided about the topic. Overall, with these sites giving us evidence that is believed to be true as the evidence is the same on both websites it is clearly a valid and reliable website to be used.


Overall, evolution is the theory that is based on the idea that all species are related and gradually change overtime, evolution is any change in the heritable traits within a population across several generations. Evolution is important because it is a major contributor to our science studies now days. Without the theory of evolution, we would not have the study of many other subjects, for example, genetics. There are many examples that prove the theory of evolution such as animals; animals are a great representation of the theory of evolution. One animal for example is a giraffe, it is believed that giraffes next used to be short but because they had to adapt to their habitat and eating lifestyles their necks would have to extend.


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