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The Significance Of Science And Religion

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There has always been a debate about religion and science. These two are important in our lives because both explain the two worlds of every human being--- the physical and spiritual world. While both of them are essential, there has been a clash because of their fundamental differences; opposing ideas and purpose.

We are choosing Science. Science as an institution have on uniquely in contrast to specific researchers. Science sets up conditions where levelheaded arguments can prosper, where thoughts can be tried against the world, and where people can cooperate with one another with their individual constraints.

The Scientist are annoyed whenever the debate is about Science and Religion that share a specific epistemological reasoning. In fact, there are lots of humanists and theologians that demand that there are lot of different method in knowing the truth than religious narratives that only exist by folkloric stories and can be replaced or changed in time. Religion has no record of finding concealed facts. So, for what reason do such a large number of individuals accept something else? While science and religion are as various as can be, people science and society religion share profound properties. The majority of us convey in our minds a jumble of logical perspectives and religious perspectives, and they regularly feel the equivalent—since they are found out, comprehended, and rationally encoded in comparable ways.

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Numerous religious stories are accepted without being comprehended. Individuals will regularly declare religious cases with certainty—there exists a God, he tunes in to my petitions, I will go to Heaven when I confess—yet with small understanding in the subtleties. The humanist Alan Wolfe sees that 'zealous adherents are some of the time unable to clarify precisely what, doctrinal talking, their confidence is,' and proceeds to take note of that 'These are individuals who accept, frequently enthusiastically, in God, regardless of whether they can't enlighten others all that much concerning the God where they accept.'

We believe that global warming is a serious problem and that vaccines do not cause autism, but this is not because we are studying in a course that circled medicine and have prior knowledge to this but because we trust the scientist. Science has always been the way to solve environmental issues. These type of issues are timely. According to Express (2019), the lungs of planet Earth, Amazon is still burning last September 25. The Amazon is burning for over a month now. Another one is the burning of rainforest in Indonesia making the air hazardous for people living there. When lives are at stake from out of control environmental issues, science can make more change and impact than religion. This time we need immediate action, “The climate math is brutally clear: While the world can’t be healed within the next few years, it may be fatally wounded by negligence until 2020,” said Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, the founder and director of Potsdam Climate Institute. Asking for guidance from our God alone won’t solve the problem. What we need here are scientific solutions and actions that would actually solve these problems. A hashtag has been circulating on social media, #UniteBehindTheScience, showing that even the youth doesn’t want just hope, what we need is to fear the things that are happening and things that can happen to our world and from that fear, we need REAL actions to solve our problems. Science has earned its epistemological stripes. What's more, when a lot of people are open minded prior to the knowledge of truth, as they are with environmental change and immunizations, we ought to value its unique status.

For us, Science can and has the way to prove and disprove the existence of everything, from simple beliefs to complex things, even religion. There are many religious beliefs that only science was able to provide explanations based on facts. Science can be described as the body of knowledge because it makes us aware of factual things. Religion can be seen on different perspectives and each and every one can have different religious beliefs and even interpretation of the figurative holy books while science provides truth and factual statements with evidences supporting it making one ground for people to believe in and bringing us all to one conclusion. With science, we avoid confusions and misbeliefs. For example, the discovery of telescope was the first piece to fall over and cause the domino effect of the other discoveries like disproving the Earth-centered theory which the bible believed in. Through science we avoid a turmoil that can exist if we are still stuck on the era where we only believe what’s written on the holy book and still has no evidences to prove or disprove it.

We chose science because of its purpose to explain the physical world which is important because it is the place that we live in, we breathe in, and where our future will prosper. It uses scientific method which is a precise way of knowing the truth and isolate it from fallacies.

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