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The Significance of The Houston Zoo in Promoting Awareness

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The Houston Zoo is both a conservation and rehabilitation place for animals and education source for kids and adults alike. They provide easy to understand information about the animals that reside at the zoo. This is mainly done through the means of plaques, boards, and electronics devices that are stationed near the animal exhibits. Along with signs, the Houston Zoo has an educational center and programs. These help promote and educate the guests who visit or want to learn more on how to conserve the wildlife.

The plaque are easy to understand and straight to the point. There, people could easily read up on the animal’s place of origin or habitat, diet and or preferred choice of food, conservation status, interesting facts about the animal, and a picture to accompany the information. This doesn’t only apply to animals as some boards contain information regarding how to conserve the wildlife. For instance, one such board educates the viewers on the dangers of polluting the ocean with plastic and what could potentially occur as a result. Some boards are interactive, giving the kids a fun twist on learning. It ranges from a sound board that imitates animal noises to a board that requires flipping in order to see facts on one side and a picture on the other. There is even one where people could spin the crank to see effects of plastic remaining in the water (the example can be seen in the picture with the blue billboard and the child spinning the crank). These are more appealing for the younger audience as it’s more interesting than the tradition boards where there are just facts.

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To further promote animal education, the zoo provides many learning opportunities in forms of educator workshops, Collegiate Conservation Program, camps, field trips, and various school programs. At the educator workshops, teachers can register to learn about activities and projects that can promote wildlife conservation and its connection with the STEM field and TEKs. This information educators grasp can be utilized in their classroom and pass onto their students. At the Collegiate Conservation Program, people are placed on a 10-week internship. Interns then train, learn, and work at the Houston Zoo or regional conservation partners. For the younger audience, the Houston Zoo has camps open to the kids ages 4 to 16. These camps include fun and educational activities to immerse them in the wildlife. Shorter versions of that experience would be through scheduled field trips where students can learn and observe the animals. If schools would like to take it a step farther, they can participate in school programs such as Mascots for Saving Wildlife or Pollinator Garden Partnership. With many opportunity up their sleeve, the Houston Zoo has many methods to educating both the young and older visitors.

With all that in mind, the Houston Zoo has many methods of presenting information and educating their visitors regarding the wildlife and animals. The signs and plaques give animal facts that educated us about its life and habitats. Children, adults, students, and teachers could all learn something just by reading the facts of animals. If anyone so wish, they can also further their education through the many programs and projects they offer. These ways help educate Houstonians in a fun, interactive manner. A trip to the Houston Zoo is an educational and entertaining experience that visitors leave being well informed about the wildlife animals.

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