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The Silk Road: Growth, Use and Decline

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A new trading route called the Silk Road started to expand in Asia during the 2nd century BCE. This new trading route gradually expanded to more than 8000 km in length and lasted nearly 1,600 years (‘Trade on the Silk’, 2002). But the ‘Silk Road’ wasn’t just a long roadIt was composed of a series of interconnected paths. It wasn’t until the end of the 19th century CE that the word ‘Silk Road’ was invented for the first time by a German geographer called Ferdinand Von Richthofen (Evans, 2000), it is important to consider the art and historical impacts of the Silk Road as it helped to lay the groundwork of the future to come. The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate the growth of the Silk Road, how it was used, and its decline.

The evolution of the Silk Road. It’s happened for many years. The Silk Road was first walked by a Chinese diplomat named Zhang Qian. As a result, he was able to bring new information back to his country (Evans, 2000). The Silk Road achieved its height under the Chinese Tang Dynasty.

One reason for this was that China promoted sound economic policy and trade (Evans, 2000). It’s been said that the Silk Road helped to lay the foundations of the new era. Several explanations for this are that the path has been used to aid in the trade of worship, art and technology. It was also often referred to as a spiritual connection. Much like the Silk Road created, several towns and villages along the way started to flourish.

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Second, the use of the Silk Road was not only for the shipment of silk, but also for many other items. According to Eastern Travet, ‘It was a significant path since it was a wonderful conduit for cultural trade, a collection of innovations, concepts and information of the faith of other nations’. The Silk Road was also used for transport purposes. About 30% of the products were made from silk .There were also other kinds of commodities and luxuries, such as satin, poetry, and rubies. This products were purchased and sold in a variety of oasis towns along the road.

Around the same time, people found a new trading route named the ‘Sea Route’ and destroyed the Silk Road. The sea route had some advantages relative to the Silk Road, as the expense of the sea route was smaller than that of the Silk Road. Transport of goods by sea instead of land was faster and safer, much of the goods that passed by sea traded at cheaper rates, and the sea had fewer stops than the land road. The contact between East and West deteriorated due to the collapse of the Silk Road. While the Silk Road consisted of three roads, the South Roads, the Central Routes, and the North Routes, it became obsolete as a result of traffic on the modern sea-faring passageway.


In conclusion, we listed three points in this essay: the development of the Silk Road, its use and its decline. The Silk Road has had an impact on the development of many countries. There were also many projects, such as the shipment of silk and other items to many countries and the exchange of knowledge. Finally, the sea route was stronger than the Silk Road because it was easier to transport goods by sea . Often, the Silk Road was covered in sand and gradually lost touch with civilization and contact with other nations. To sum up, I hope my country is trying to find a new Silk Road.

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