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China's Han Dynasty built the Silk Road through territorial expansion. The Silk Road was a network of commercial and cultural transmission channels that allowed the West and East to engage culturally. The Silk Road commerce had an important part in the development of China, Korea, Japan, the Indian subcontinent, Iran, Europe, the Horn of Africa, and Arabian civilizations by establishing long-distance political and commercial ties between them. The Silk Road was significant because it facilitated trade and commerce between various...
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A new trading route called the Silk Road started to expand in Asia during the 2nd century BCE. This new trading route gradually expanded to more than 8000 km in length and lasted nearly 1,600 years ('Trade on the Silk', 2002). But the 'Silk Road' wasn't just a long roadIt was composed of a series of interconnected paths. It wasn't until the end of the 19th century CE that the word 'Silk Road' was invented for the first time by...
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When early people started agriculture after previously being hunter gatherers, civilizations were created. This created complex societies and specialized workers since not everyone had to hunt and farm. With the advancements of complex societies, the first forms of trade were created. People would barter with other people in their society for goods they don’t possess and soon that evolved into trading with other civilizations. Trade kept evolving and becoming bigger throughout the classical era and the post classical era. During...
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More than 2,000 years ago, traders opened the transcontinental passage that connects Asia, Europe and Africa, nowadays known as the Silk Road. Trading ships created sea routes connecting the East with the West, forming the maritime Silk Road. These ancient silk routes opened windows of dialogue between peoples and nations. The modern China of the beginning second millennium A.D. under the leadership of Xi Jinping sees much more in the Silk Road than just ancient history. For China, the Silk...
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Paper is all around us even now, used for writing, artwork, packaging, cleaning, and more. In Europe paper has been available for over 800 years, but it has actually existed for much longer. In fact, paper travelling on the Silk Road took almost 1000 years after it’s creation to reach Europe. The reasons behind this are complex and often intertwining. There are many popular perceptions regarding the Silk road, several of which are in fact misconceptions. It is well believed...
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In order to assess the validity of the name of something, one must first look at what the given definition in context to the name actually is. And so, before this essay begins, one must look at what the given definition of the term must include in order to assess the validity of its title. With a name such as the ‘Silk Roads’ one must present an inclusive and broad definition that takes into account all of the routes, to...
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Silk is the material comprised of slender and a continuous strand called fibers that was recognized by a human being and attained from plants which are produced by silkworms. The most popular silk is called mulberry silkworm. It releases the fluid form as single filament by a caterpillar known as silkworm which is used for silk production, Silk has only four stages in its whole life which include eggs, silkworm larvae, pupa and moth but man interferes in its life...
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Long-distance trade made a pronounced, long-term impact on the economic, social, and cultural landscapes of the classical empires. Without trade routes, the large-scale exchange of goods and ideas responsible for this impact would not have been possible. The Silk Road of the Han dynasty and the trade routes of the Persian empire served as facilitators of social, cultural, political, and religious exchanges between peoples of the classical empires. Both the Silk Road of the Han dynasty and the trade routes...
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The 13th century was one of the most important centuries for the growth and stabilization of modern civilization that was facilitated through various major political, economic, and social events. This century was defined by the growth of religions like Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism throughout Asia and Christianity in Europe which would give rise to some of the most powerful Empires like the Delhi Sultanate and the Byzantine Empire. The expansion of trade and the creation of new trade routes would...
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