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The Similarities And Differences Of The Hunger Games And The Giver

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Many of us tend to imagine what an alternative world could look and feel like. Science fiction explores our hopes and dreams for the near future. Having this power makes us escape the everyday world and the challenges we face. The Hunger Games that is produced by both Nina Jacobson, Jon Kilik and The Giver, written by Lois Lowry demonstrates the topic, Nature of Power. The themes Privilege,Survival and Love and sacrifice all represent the overall topic. These three themes link and connect in some way as the characters in the texts use these to demonstrate their power. In each text it is evident that the topic Nature of Power is used in a positive way. Throughout The Giver and The Hunger Games, each character’s life is controlled and monitored by someone in power. Both the novel and the film show the characters are obligated to participate in their chosen assignments. These similarities demonstrate the lack of free will and individuality they pursue. On the other hand a difference may involve the particular laws associated with each district and the community. For example, The Hunger Games consists of war and fighting for freedom whereas in The Giver, pain and war is an unknown element.

Both The Giver and The Hunger Games tend to explore the characters’ knowledge of survival and reveal how they dealt with and overcome life-threatening situations. Throughout the film, The Hunger Games, we see the theme of survival being portrayed amongst the protagonist. Katniss shows us her sense of survival when handing Prim the newly received mockingjay pin. “It’s a mockingjay pin. To protect you. And as long as you have it, nothing bad will happen to you, okay? I promise” (9:50) This scene took place at the beginning of the film when Katniss brought home the pin the lady from the market offered her. This symbol might just have given Katniss the hope she needs to survive the challenges. Similar to The Hunger Games, in The Giver, survival is demonstrated by the protagonist. Jonas shows his way of survival when keeping Gabriel warm to prevent him from freezing to death. “He hugged Gabriel and rubbed him briskly, warming him to keep him alive” (page 203). When comparing the two texts, survival is seen in a similar way as both protagonists used the theme as a way of protection towards another.

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In both Science Fiction texts, Nature of power is resembled by few of the characters when the theme Privilege comes to light. In The Hunger Games, privilege is displayed by the people associated with the Capitol. Close to the beginning of the film, Katniss and Peeta are on their way to the transport vehicle which would soon take them to the Capitol. “You two are in for a treat. Crystal chandeliers, platinum door knobs and it flies. We’ll be at the Capitol in less than two days”(20:32). In this scene Effie lets us imagine what the Capitol brings and the privilege that comes with it. Related in many ways, The Giver shows us the privilege that corresponds with the Elders of the community. “ He was the elder who had seemed separate from the others at the ceremony, though he was dressed in the same special clothing that only elders wore” (page 100). The two texts demonstrate the higher privilege some hold in the communities.

In Science Fiction, Love and Sacrifice is often displayed as power within relationships and close bonds the characters have for one another. In The Hunger Games this theme is presented when Prim’s name is called at the Reaping, towards the beginning of the film. Instead of Prim going up on stage, Katniss sacrificed herself by intivining and offered to replace her spot as a sign of the love she has for her sister. “ I volunteer, I volunteer. I volunteer as tribute” (15:30) In comparison to The Hunger Games, The Giver reveals many examples of Love and Sacrifice. Before Jonas escaped the community he asked the Giver to go with him, however the Giver kindly declined and explained he wanted to be with his daughter. “I love you Jonas, but I have another place to go. When my work here is finished, I want to be with my daughter” (page 203). This particular moment in the novel proved the Giver’s love for Jonas and his daughter. Both texts in comparison, show both the love and sacrifice the characters have assembled.

Though both The Hunger Games and The Giver are vastly different when expressing The Nature of Power, Similarities tend to overlook the differences. Both texts used the theme of survival to show the characters protective side when they are faced with someone they care about. The theme Privilege was used in both The Hunger Games and The Giver to represent the characters that were gifted with more opportunities and free will in comparison to the protagonists. Lastly Love and Sacrifice was demonstrated in both texts to show the characters close connections they had for another and the sacrifices they were willing to make. Though there are plenty of similarities, many differences can be discovered in these Science Fiction texts. The Hunger Games used survival throughout war and fighting whereas in The Giver, survival was shown as preventing starvation and new discovered feelings of pain. Privilege in The Hunger Games was represented as the Capital and the nice clothing and food it consisted of. However in The Giver, privilege was discussed with the elders and the special position they held. For the final difference, Love and sacrifice in The Hunger Games, comes into place when the protagonist was willing to sacrifice herself for her beloved sister. In a different way, The giver expresses this theme after the characters grew close connections and bonds with each other overtime. These comparisons in both Science Fiction texts show us the topic, Nature of Power is displayed as a positive aspect.

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