The Situation With Muslim In The USA After 9/11

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Zohreh Assemi, an Iranian American Muslim lady owner of nail and facial salon was robbed and beaten badly and called terrorist. She was kicked, sliced with box cutter and her hand was smashed by the hammer. It continued to two weeks of phone calls calling her terrorist and get out of the town that her kind of people are not welcomed in the area. It was mentioned by her friends and family.

As Islam is the religion of peace. Muslims cannot kill any innocent person whether He is a believer or not. It is clearly mentioned in the Quran that killing of any innocent person is as though killing of whole of humanity. There are many authentic sayings of Prophet also that are against the killing like Whoever killed a Mujahid shall not smell the fragrance of the heaven though the fragrance of heaven smelt at the 40 years distance.

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Up to this point, American Muslims have endeavored to react to the test of Islam phobia in different ways. Admirably, in their push to fortify their key position to counter the harming surge of Islam phobia they have made new arrangements and partnerships with numerous non-Muslim American gatherings. Their exertion toward this path is profoundly unmistakable in various territories. In the first place, there is much movement in the region of interfaith exchange particularly including individuals from the three Abrahamic religions, to be specific Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Second, in the political field, we see a developing Muslim activism to position their impact in both the Republican and Democratic gatherings. One of the objectives of this activism is to help impact American remote approach. Third, we see Muslim understudies and teachers making coalitions with their non-Muslim associates in the colleges and universities in quest for the shared objectives of social equity and opportunity. For instance, we may allude to the job of Muslim understudies relationship in across the nation grounds in assembling support from different grounds gatherings to counter the Islam phobia aroused by the 'Grounds Watch' of Daniel Pipes, a vocal faultfinder of American Islam.

It is the fight for impact in forming the American outside approach that will be the most unpleasant and the most expansive between the supporters and sympathizers of Islam and its adversaries. The issue of Islam in American remote arrangement is going to impact a great deal of different issues which connect with American Muslims, both in the positive and the negative sense. The rivals of American Islam are going to observe every progression the Muslim people group is taking in the political field. Truth be told, there have been endeavors at political pre-emptive hits against the network with the perspective on counteracting American Muslim political impact from coming to fruition.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH was subjected to horrible Insults in his life. Instead of reacting He remained steadfast and tolerant. We must follow his behavior against every situation.

In Holy Quran, It is mentioned that Allah SWT tests us in different ways. We should stay steadfast and patient as Allah is with those who have patience. Pray that Allah guides those who mocks the religion. The Prophet also prayed for the guidance of Quraysh as they were involved in the Islam phobic acts and were ignorant to Islam and Prophet.

It is hard to state what the long haul effect of Islam phobia on American Islam would be. Yet, based on present patterns examined in the previous pages, we have valid justification to trust that the result of the conflict between the different sides of the separation Islamic confirmation and Islam phobia would be of extraordinary importance to the remainder of the world, especially the Islamic world.


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