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The Solutions Of Human Trafficking

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There are many issues around the globe that affect the modern world. The society today is changing rapidly, which means there are more problems that range from being economical to social, political and environmental. One of the issues that this society is dealing with is the social issue, human trafficking. Human trafficking is the trade in people, but it doesn’t mean the movement of a person from one place to another. Every year there are millions of women, children and even men being trafficked in the United States. This can happen in any community and is happening to victims no matter their age, race or gender. Traffickers lure victims into these situations by violence, manipulation, or untrue promises of well paying jobs or romantic relationships. They force their victims into labor or commercial sexual exploitation. People all around the world are victims of human trafficking, and because this is such a wide spread issue, it is becoming harder to address it with just a set of laws and policies. The traffickers look for people who are psychologically or emotionally vulnerable. The people who are being trafficked are so traumatized that most of them don’t think of themselves as victims and they will not ask for help. That is why people around the globe need to help victims of human trafficking speak up and solve this issue in this society. There are many different things that people can do to help join the fight to end this modern day slavery. A few solutions to stop human trafficking could be to start fundraisers, advocate, and stay informed about the situation. People need to speak out and let this issue be known so that human slave trade will come to an end.

To begin solving the issue for human trafficking, everybody needs to start fundraising. Raising money for this issue will not only help by bringing awareness to this modern day slavery, it could help prevent it. Donations are relied on to help maintain nonprofits that help shelter homes for victims.

There are anti-trafficking organizations around the world. To help build these organizations, people can conduct fundraisers which will maintain shelter homes that take in and support the victims who have been rescued from trafficking. Usually the victims do not have a place to go after escaping this modern form of slavery. Whenever they are rescued, the shelter homes allow victims to have a safe place to stay and provide food, water, and a place to sleep. Communities can even volunteer and provide essentials by donating clothes, toilet paper, bath essentials, etc. Basically, community members can donate items for the victims basic needs and necessities for their everyday life. People from the community can also volunteer their time to work in shelters or help with fundraising, which is a great way to keep up the fight against human trafficking. The more volunteers, the bigger the outreach can be. These efforts will make an immediate impact on the lives of trafficking victims. Volunteers can help them until they are stable enough to get back on their feet and go back into the world and start a life of their own. Volunteers can help them find jobs, internships, homes, and provide other opportunities for trafficking survivors as they transition to their new life. Taking care of these victims will allow people to learn their stories of their tramatic experience, which will help society develop ways to combat human trafficking and learn the types of people they target and all of the different ways that the traffickers approach their victims. People can have events to raise awareness and get more people involved in the fight against human trafficking. It could make a chain reaction, bringing more people in to educate about this issue.

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Advocating is crucial in the fight to stop human trafficking. It is important to address issues, help people understand the views of trafficking, and to have their support. In the United States, states control their own legislation, enforcement and related appropriations for anti-trafficking policies. People from communities need to meet with or reach out to local, state, or federal representatives to inform them that their constituents are passionate about the fight against human trafficking. This increases the chance that law-makers will do something about this problem in the society. For example, the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 was the cornerstone of anti-trafficking legislation in America, but it expired in 2011. Anti-trafficking nonprofits all over the country joined together to advocate for its re-authorization, which was granted in 2013. Corporations and government supply chains should be free from human trafficking and slavery, but many products are touched by slave laborers throughout the world. Not only do people need to inform government officials but they should also work in schools to educate and inform children so they can recognize the signs and protect themselves from human trafficking.

Teaching children in schools will help them become aware of their surroundings and prevent them from becoming a victim of human trafficking. Social media is a big factor trafficking. The traffickers target a lot of younger children on social media. They act like a kid their age and earn their trust and will eventually ask the child to meet them somewhere. When the child leaves there home to meet with the trafficker is when he or she instantly become a victim of human trafficking and don’t make it back home. At home and in school, children used to learn “Stranger Danger” but through the years it has gradually died off. Teachers and parents need to bring back that slogan and inform their children about this modern day slave trade and let them know that they could become a victim. There are videos and articles all over the internet to inform people more about trafficking. These articles people know that slavery still exist and can be in your community. Traffickers live in nice neighborhoods, in nice houses, and blend in really well with the rest of the community. Nobody would ever suspect them of keeping kidnapped woman and children who have been forced into slavery in their home. Children who ar victimas of human trafficking could even be going to school just like everybody else. That is why students, teachers, bus drivers, and other school community need to learn the indicators of the crime, warning signs, and how to respond whenever a student is a victim. The school can play a big role in fighting human trafficking, but school personnel should not be the only ones to address this problem. The communities law enforcement and the students family and friends need to also work to increase awareness. They should develop policies, protocols and recognize the possible indicators to prevent exploitation of children.

Even though there are many global issues that are economical, social, political or environmental, human trafficking is a major global issue in the world today. It is one of the fastest growing activities of criminal organizations. People are being held against their will and are forced to work or provide services to the trafficker or others. There are many different ways people can fight against it and help those victims. Learning more about it and recognizing all of the signs the first step in identifying victims. Not only does communities need to work to defeat human trafficking, but law enforcement and government officials also need to step up and take acrtions to help stop this modern day slavery.

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