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The Special Olympics Unified Sports

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In today’s society there are many people of several different ages, genders, races that struggle from disorders which enables them to be able to do certain activities that others can do. Everyday most people take the ability of being able to play sports for granite which we have came to understand this but is that just one of the many reasons we (citizens) support Unified Sports. We all go through many challenges and have to face several obstacles to some day achieving for personal & academic success. That’s why we want to be able to give back to give back the intellectuals who aren’t able to play sports or do the types of extracurricular activities and help them become more physically and mentally active especially the individuals who don’t really get the chance to play sports with a group of peers of who are encouraging them every step of the way as the thrive to learn the sport better while also having fun and enjoying themselves.

The Special Olympics Unified Sports was founded in 1968 and it main focus was to help spotlight the power of inclusive competition and to showcase their abilities, while also at the same time providing an opportunity to raise awareness and money for the Special Olympics programs. A few reason why inclusive sport organizations are established is to combine players with intellectual disabilities of similar skill level in the same sports teams for training and competition. Each kid with & without a disability learn a lot from the program. Such as the personal development of athletes and partners. Promoting of positive perceptions of athletes. It as has became a world wide know sport that has been seen from all sights of the world and had caught attention of many people & also world leaders.Special Olympics are very important to everyone throughout the world.It’s one of the largest sporting events on the planet and it help inspire, promote & advances a world of full inclusion for people with disabilities.This sport event attracted people from all around the world, including 150 countries & 2,500 journalists. Sports that have Unified people in it main goal is to join people with and without a disability on a similar team They are also is determined to promoting social inclusion through shared sports training and competition experiences.We will also be training together and playing together which is a quick path to friendship and understanding.

Young Athletes with disabilities learn how to play with others and develop important skills for learning. They also learn to share, take turns and follow directions. These skills help children in family, community and school activities. Teaching kids healthy habits can set the stage for a life of physical activity, friendship and learning. While they learning life of physical activity and building new friendships, their families are able to get the experience to see their child have a great and fun time while playing with kids of their age which makes them even happier. Families who visioned a typical life for their children can come true. Their kids can finally live the reality of being accepted by their peers, have friends and lead ‘regular’ lives. Children also develop a positive understanding of themselves and others.Children learn at their own pace and style within a nurturing learning environment. Us students being the “partners” really play major role with encouraging them to do great and have fun no matter how good or bad they do because we know it’s not about just the success of learning the game but also being to make that certain individual feel happy and getting them active with their peers and be able to give them the excitement that everyone else is capable to have in life but while also enriching the lives of others by providing understanding and support that helps athletes realize their potential no matter if it’s in the game of sports or just their potential as a person and trying to figure out their overall being.

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When you join the Special Olympics Health program, you will be able to help individuals with disabilities gain a better acceptance of education, training, comfort level.You will be able to give the kids with disabilities health opportunities, education and services needed to be inclusive at the individual level, throughout homes and communities, and reflected in public. Anyone can help with Unified Sports, you just have to actually want to help them achieve their overall goal of success. It’s volunteer work so the people who usually help are the one who are really passionate about helping these intellectuals find new friendship and help provide more participation in communities. After helping you gain the experience to be able to learn how to work with a person with disability and understand that just because they have a little disability, that doesn’t and shouldn’t hold them back from doing the great things life just like the average person in the world. Also when you help out, you probably might really like providing a better and more healthier life for these kids and possibly see it as a future career. We become more lenient with the rate of having to educate or help someone with anything in life .Many people gain to accept life more after seeing those individuals in the type of conditions there are in. Such as when you see how hard it make take them to learn a certain step due to the way their brain work, you start to really be proud with the way you are and to not take things for granite in life because there is someone out there who is having a harder time with there life than you are. But after they learn that certain skill, they get so happy and excited which is really thrilling to everyone around because that’s all everyone is striving for which is to make sure we they have a great time so, another thing that we gain from this is being able to have a good time with not just your peers but everyone who choose to join Unified Sports, no matter if your really young or elderly, we all are here to have good time while building friendships, self-esteem, confidence and physical fitness. You can become a better person when helping out because this program will teach to be kind to someone no matter how they are and you begin to overlook the disability they have and you only see a person who’s just like you but maybe more excited due to there type of disorder but after you show initiative to be able to be there and helping them, they began to realize that not everyone is going to make fun of them due to what they have. So you can help reduce bullying in school suchs as elementary, middle school, high school, and even college have to deal with the problem of bullying so with the more help we have, the less intellectuals have to feel bullied and be bullied.

There are many ways you can help kids with disabilities. One way is by creating opportunities for success and avoid any problems possible. Also do your best to help boost your kid’s confidence by saying things like ‘good job’, ‘your doing great’,’your really smart’, which would really change the mood of your child which will show throughout the process. Try to give them simple directions and break down task into easy steps.Help your child succeed by telling her what to expect and how to behave in new or unfamiliar situations. Because she may not pick up on the “unspoken rules,” it is good to discuss what the expectations are. Throughout the years, families have been playing a major role to the success of the child and for that individual to have there mom,dad and siblings to watch them achieve their goal is a great feeling, not only for the intellectual but for the professionals who has been there from day one. Families are very open hands & open minded to new ideas that will help their children in any,shape, or form possible. This is why many supporters may asses the families including interval care, counseling, and individual support. Parents do their very best to find supports that would be helpful to them. Many people are starting to acknowledge The Special Olympics so there’s has been a major increase in the volunteering for Unified Sports. Even though many professionals are starting to retire from helping with the kids, there are many more that are applying to help with the movement which is a major factor in today’s world because many people are open hands to help out with people who don’t get much attention as most people so they choose to be the ones to make a difference in the world. As of June 2017 over 3,000 new health care professionals have been trained and Healthy Communities advocacy is engaging the next generation of health workers to be trained in how to treat people with intellectual disabilities. To recognize the progress being made around the world to increase access to essential health care for people with intellectual disabilities.

In today’s society there are many people of several different ages, genders, races that struggle from disorders which enables them to be able to do certain activities that others can do. So overall our purpose it to ensure that everyone is introduced to the equality of having the same qualities as those who doesn’t have a disability but still teaching them to respect each other, have fun, be encouraging, be enthusiastic no matter the income or outcome. With these action we will be able to spread more positivity into the world, which is really important in today’s society as not many people really realize how much of having a disability can enable you from doing even the little things in life so being able to get other to understand would be phenomenal.because he goal of the Special Olympics is to bring all persons with intellectual disabilities into the larger society under conditions whereby they are accepted, respected and given a chance to become productive citizens. We want people from all different aspects of life to help us with the growing problem of the rejection of intellectual people in schools and society. As we do the small things in life they will equal out to a big portion of our goal and these actions are what is going to help our intellectuals actually discover their potential.

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