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The Stages Of Rwandan And Holocaust Genocide

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Genocide the intentional killing of a large group of people escpically with whoms ethnic group or nation. Genocides are common which make it seem scary as it can occur when racial, political, groups are destroyed. In theory genocides can occur anywhere under the right circumstances. Both genocides were different because the Rwandan was quick and unorganized and the holocaust was arranged in order for most casulties lasting for countless of months. The holocaust and the Rawandan faced the same consequences through the cases of extermination, dehuminiazation, polarization, and denial. In contrast, Rwandan experienced symbolization, organization, and preparation. Rwandan was also planned before as Hutsu were trained prior to killing Tutsi.

Classification a process classifying something because of shared properties or characteristics. Classification was different to both genocides, the holocaust was classifying prisoners in concentration camps with different types of triangeles to show their role some catagories are emigrant, plolitcal, romas, and homosexual. In contrast the Rwandan genocide classified others with two ethnic groups: the hutus were farmers and had broad noses and tutsi were herders their common characterists were tall and thin. Although both genocides classified people under different categories they were determined in different ways. Classification impacted both genocides as it split multiple types of people and groups became more inferior than the other. The difference plays a crucial role because classification is determining how people are killed as a specific group might be favored or hated.

Imagine someone being classified under a certain type of symbol by the way they look or their actions this was called symbolization a method used to label different types of people. The people who were symbolized were the people in genocides the Holocaust and the Rwandan face different types of symbols. For instance, the holocaust used symbols like a star this represented people as Jews also triangles determining differnt types of people. In other words, the Rwandan genocide first were able use note cards to establish ones ethnicity but Belgian authorities decided to use id cards to determine which group Hutsu or Tutsi. Overall, both genocides were similar to organizing people but had different techniques to determine different people. Symbolization affected both groups because it was used to enable categories to different people.

Humans are meant to be doing activities on social media. A process of depriving a person from human activities is called dehumanization. Dehumanization seems rare but can actually be common through genocides. To explain, the holocaust used radio, movies, and schools to despite the Jews. The Nazis also blocked the Jews off all social media. To compare, the Hutsu also used radio television and went to broadcast to hate Tutsi. To analyze, both genocides are similar in propaganda as spreading information through the radio due to the use of propaganda it made everyone believe another group is less inferior. Dehumanization played vital roles to both genocides because it made people believe that this other group were less inferior, rank below them once this was convinced to the public they don’t do anything or act against the “inferior people”. The similarity of both genocides is similar to dehumanizing because it shows how both these genocides wiped the other group.

People organized for a particular purpose, especially to complete a specific goal is called Organization. The Rwandan genocide and the Holocaust were unalike in this catagory but were both organized in a way, such as the Holocaust used concentration camps to organize the different people like the Jews or other prisoners. The Holocaust was also able to create a force called the gestapo and the SS to eliminte the others. To differentiate the Rwandan genocide. The Hutu were trained prior to the genocide with machetes to “protect their village” instead of the plan of protecting it was to wipe out the Tutsi. The Rwandan genocide didn’t fall under the organization stage but was more preperation. Although they are immensely different it impacted both genocides in crucial ways. The Holocaust was first able to use this to sperate the people and can create aditional casulties, the Rwandan genocide was able to take advantage to create confusion to the Tutsi. To conclude, both genocides were able to use organization in different ways.

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Polarization is the idea of hate groups broadcast polarizing propaganda. For example polarization can be limiting the laws making them more strict. To add on extremists call moderates in their own group as traitors, they would use this to kill them or imprisonment. In similarity, the Rwandan genocide split the groups between Hutus an Tutsi the Hutus claimed the Tutsi were betraying but at the same time they all the same race, live in the same country and just have diffrent jobs. This only occured because of propaganda the radio was used to explain certain Tutsi were betraying. To contrast, the people were basically brainwashed of anti-semetic propaganda that was an idea to spread through Europe to idengenous people of facist and antisemetic ideas. So this was taken to an advantage to show the Jews betrayed everyone and were seen as a threat to Germany. To compare, both genocides used propaganda as a way to spread information to others persuading them about information. Polarization also played a vital role in genocides as it was used to explain people “betraying” others, this gave a reason to kill or imprison and a way to brainwash the public. In a way a genocide revolved all around this one stage.

Being prepared is essential for anything to be accomplished, everyone does it all the time in genocides the inferior might want to be prepared for maximum casualties. The holocaust and Rwandan genocide was diffrent in the way they prepared for their killings. To introduce, the Rwandan genocide the paramilitary gangs were used and trained to kill the Tutsi before the genocide. The Hutus prior to the genocide were already planning to kill the Tutsi which shows how they prepared for a genocide and the planning they had. To contrast, the Holocaust used segragation on gehttos and others were forced into concentration camps or deported into famine contries to starve. The Nazis would already have a plan for the people to exterminate them, this comes similar as they were prepared but the way they did it was different the Rwandan was straightforward to kill. Contrast the Holocaust took longer but got more casulties. This was important to each genocide because it allowed for orginization and became prepared for mass amount of killings.

When thinking of extermination people often think bugs being exterminated with chemicals such as gas this was horrific to think people were treated like bugs and were gassed to death. This was seen through the Holocaust and the Nazis brought into a “shower” as they thought they were going to get cleaned but end up getting gassed till dead. Another way the Nazis exterminated the Jews was lining them up and shooting them. This shows the holocaust was more organized and used different ways to kill Jews. To compare, the Rwandan genocide only lasted for a few days so Hutus used machetes and guns to exterminate the Tutsi going to everyhouse killing about eight thosand a day. This shows the Rwandan genocide wasn’t as organized and was more of a mass shooting or killing. To conclude, without extermination a genocide won’t be classified as one, the similarity shows extermination was similar to both genocides in mass killings.

Denial where someone claims something untrue. After a genocide ends the people tend to cover it up and claim that a killing never occured. Research indicates, the Nazis claims there was no killing of the Jews and it was caused by starvation, migration, or disease. The Nazis claiming this was messed up after all they did to the Jews gassing them and experiments. To compare, the Rwandan genocide a UN official states that there was no genocide of the Tutsi. The UN official named Jacques-Roger Booh-Booh quoted “the genocide releated more on plotics of surealism rather than the truth”. This seems as if he would have never experienced the genocide, as why would a genocide be about politics after they wanted to exterminate they other kind they had in Rwanda. Denial are similar in both genocides as they both deny a genocide or mass killing.

Genocides have impacted the world in vast ways that came to think after the Holcaust after how tragic it was it wouldn’t happen again, but the genocides keep happening till this day. Genocide make people wonder will we have another tragic genocide that compares to the Holocaust we need to think of solutions to prevent these from happening. Countries need to be more aware whether or not if it’s going to happen. Some options we can do to prevent genocides from happening are: to prevent ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity the result of genocide prevention is that we create national peace and stability. So we don’t face the similar stages the Rwandan genocide faced with holocaust such as extermination, dehuminaization, polarization, and denial but faced different consequences like symbolization, organization, and preperation. To conclude Gregory Stanton was correct in his theory that most genocides fall under the 8 stages.

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