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The Struggle Of Immigrants In America: Discrimination

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America is often known as the land of opportunity, a place where you can be free. Many abundant number immigrants’ women traveled from all over the world to the United States in aspiration to seek job opportunities or to have a better life and better lives than the ones they left behind. Coming to the United States is a very difficult time for immigrant, especially when English is not their first language. Their goals of advancing and becoming successful at times can be over turned by discrimination. We all can imagine that the struggles faced by American immigrants are discovered and it has been proven that racism and discrimination is evident in our society. Racism is the poor treatment or violence against people because of their race; and discrimination is the unfair treatment of a person or group of people differently from other people or groups of people. In fact, immigrants are faced with employment discrimination, healthcare discrimination and housing discrimination, gender discrimination, religious discrimination etc. The list is endless.

Women Immigrants come to the United sate to have freedom for themselves and their children, Women are often seen as an expense to their employers because they take days off for children, Similarly, discrimination has been a form of hate against women immigrants because of their color and most people don’t really know the reason why immigrants come to America. Women immigrants faces a lot of employee discriminations because their color, religion, and English. According to the survey, about four-in-ten working women (42%) in the United States say they have faced discrimination on the job because of their gender and race. For immigrants, the problems they had to arrive in America were not a good experience only by the struggle to gain acceptance among the population. Most immigrants came to the U.S. to have a better life and give education to their children. Almost all immigrants have experienced discrimination at some point in their life and even some are still experiencing it today. Most women immigrants don’t have a choice but to deal with it when they get discriminated because they know they are immigrants.

Arizona recently passed a law that forces people to carry documents with them at all times to prove their citizenship. This is only one controversy over immigrants in the United States, another is the claim that immigrants are stealing ‘true Americans” jobs. Immigration restrictions are among the biggest government interventions in the economy. They prevent millions of people from taking jobs, renting homes, and pursuing a wide range of opportunities that they could otherwise have. Most women immigrants are working mainly jobs that most Americans don’t like to do. Most do a job that pays minimum wages and mostly requires hard labor. Jobs in cleaning industry, farming that requires day labor, hotel and house maid, maintenance. They are not only doing these jobs for minimum wages but also for no benefits, no medical insurance nor retirement plans. Immigrants also discriminated almost with everything. So, where do we get these idea immigrants are stealing our jobs? These were what Donald Trump has said during his presidential campaigning for the whole year or so and what got him to be elected as a US President.

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Immigrants who are undocumented are further challenged in many things for example, the housing problems. Housing problems have been the biggest issue especially for immigrants. It is known that immigrants tend to have a lot more children compared to the normal minority of the world; they have filled houses. A family of 8 can want to live in a 2 bedroom because frankly that is the best that can be some because of the pricing, only because of the standard laws of housing, they are not permitted to do so. Personally, I see this as a form of discrimination because when these families come to America, it’s for a better ending, a greater story and they are forced to live out of their area of comfort simply please their way to life doesn’t fit the ideal “American dream” of having the rooms for each child. Instead of being welcomed into a society to grow, they are bashed and pushed into a lifestyle of always trying to change to fit in to the current flow when instead they should be focused on growing. Studies can’t only back one up in arguing that this form of discrimination only houses people to grow resentment of their life instead being driven to add a different kind of value to one’s life.

There are also Religious and color Discrimination. Treating or Valuing group or person differently because of what they believe in is religious discrimination. As a Christian and black I have felt this, this kind of discrimination is a little more personal to myself, you might see this in employment, in schools and even social circles. At the work place, religion often inspires passionate discussion and debate among people. there is nothing wrong with that. when it comes to the workplace, however, employers must never allow their own religious views to prejudice their treatment of employees. at times this is tested, you won’t know of that fine line is crossed of discrimination is crossed or not. Personally speaking, I part take in conversations about religion because I know what my beliefs are, and knowing the other parties, why they are so passionate about their own as I am always strikes me. I have learned that with in this life time, we have a lot of narrow-minded people therefore we are forced to elaborate on many things which sometimes causes people to miss the bigger picture. The melting pot aspect! With all these religions that we are surrounded by, this is a beautiful melting pot that is neglected simply became of discrimination.

Gender discrimination, growing up in a third world country has taught me to be good at something but say nothing of it because a man might not be able to do so, that might touch his ego. It breaks my heart at times because for myself, migrating to the United States is partially why I have become so vocal about becoming a better version of myself. As a woman, all you are to be proud of all talents you might have, intellectual strengths even are strictly raising your little ones, and being a wife to your spouse. Yes, in the years this is changing but there are still areas that still practice such gender discrimination to women. Outside of third word problems, how does this affect our current and present. Even with all of the social advances made in recent years by the women’s rights sex and gender discrimination remain prevalent in many workplaces, church’s and many more places. This form of discrimination has the potential to change in which it is doing so, and many including myself are grateful to be part of the change.

In a result to all the different aspects of discrimination, to all the forms and struggle they brink into this world, discrimination is made a very tender area for immigrants. Of all the forms we have spoken on, all of the forms of discrimination go to a further extent for women immigrants because they are invisible. These people are striving to be invisible because they don’t want to be caught, and by the time comes around where they can practice their voices to defend themselves, they have been shielded to be nothing but invisible to everyone around them. Because of this I believe that we should all speak up of all the forms of discrimination that we may be a victim of as women, LGBT, immigrants, religious people, people of color etc. In the era we currently live in, nothing is impossible, there is no reason for unfair treatment of a person or group of people differently from other people or groups of people simply because they are a certain way or believe something else. Let us all practice being part of a Melting Pot.

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