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The Styles And Themes Of E. Poe And E. Dickinson's Poetry

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In this paper, it will compare and contrast Edgar Allen Poe’s poetry and Emily Dickinson’s poetry. It will analyze their styles, their take death, embodiment of death, and America. It will also give a short back ground of the poets and their lives.

Emily Dickinson (1830 – 1886) “is recognized as one of the greatest American poets, a poet who continues to exert an enormous influence on the way writers think about the possibilities of poetic craft and vocation. Little known in her own lifetime, she was first publicized in almost mythic terms as a reclusive, eccentric, death-obsessed spinster who wrote in fits and starts as the spirt moved her-the image of the woman poet at her oddest” (88). Emily Dickinson’s writing perspective on death is “Her poems range over the physical as well as the psychological and emotional aspects of death. She looked at death from the point of view of both the living and the dying. She went so far as to imagine her own death, the loss of her own body, and the journey of her soul to the unknown. Finally, she personified death and breathed so much complexity and power of character into him that he became one of American literature’s protean figures” (Paul J. Ferlazzo). Dickinson used mannikin of figurative voice communication, paradox, personification, and irony to springiness the reader a new look on life. She wrote about what she knew and about what intrigued her. Emily Dickinson’s themes are universal proposition, but her particular vantage stage tend to be very personal; she rebuilt her world interior the products of her poetic imagination. Therefore, some cognition of her life history and her shape of mind is requisite for illuminating much of her work. Dickinson lived in nearly aggregate isolation from the outside world. However, she remained active with voluminous parallelism, and was an avid reader. Her family served as her fellow. Dickinson’s poetry frequently reflects her loneliness, but her poetry also is marked by the possibility of happiness. “Because I could not stop for Death” by Emily Dickinson. In this poem, Dickinson’s speaker is human action from on the far side the grave, describing her journey with Death, personified, from life to lifetime. In the poem, the speaker is just too busy for Death instead, death takes the time to try and do what she cannot and stops for her. Humanity tends to see death as personified and sees death as scary, or discouraging, but instead he’s courteous and a delicate guide, leading her to eternity. The speaker feels no worry once death picks her up in his carriage, she simply sees it as associate act of kindness, as she was too busy to seek out time for him.

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Edgar Allan Poe (1809 – 1849) “Poe’s writing includes, among other topics, such themes as love, horror, anxiety, fantasy, and strange conditions of the mind. His material therefore, is also a “natural” for psychological theories that are concerned with personality aberrations. His life is extremely enticing in this direction, and even the simplest of personalities contain complexity that is often misunderstood. And Poe’s was no simple personality. With excellent understanding of the personality makeup of an artist like Poe” (Arthur Lerner). Edgar Allan Poe’s writing perspective on death is from his feelings and his own life. From the passing of his parents at such a young age, and the death of his wife to drinking and gambling. He became obsessed with death and violence. A large circumstances of Edgar Allan Poe’s fiction includes musings on the nature of demise and on dubiousness about the hereafter history. Poe does not necessarily come to the same ratiocination about death in each poem, particularly in the cases of ‘Lenore’ and ‘The Raven’ two poems that share a dead soul female’s name but that take a very different approach path to the bailiwick of the afterlife. Edgar Allan Poe brought about several changes in the literary dash of his clip period. Poe, as an author, poet, editor program and a critical writer influenced not only American language literature, but he also had an impact on International literature. He was one of the first writer to develop the genre of both detective fabrication and horror. Poe’s style still impacts writer today. A lot of important American writers after Poe appearance signs of influence, especially when working in the gothic modality or with grotesque sense of humor. The French, Italians, and writers in Spanish and Portuguese in the Americas acknowledge and demonstrate their debt to Poe in proficiency and sight. The most frequently used stem in his oeuvre’s were enquiry about death like physical signs, decomposition effects, lamentation and apprehension of premature burial. Most of his work was taken as a piece of nighttime romanticism against transcendentalism. Poe’s literary theories are reflected in his writing including his unfavorable judgment and essays like “The Poetic Principle”. Although, he did not like allegory and didacticism. Though he believed in undercurrent significance in literature, he also believed that work should be obvious and brief to be understood. “The Raven” explores death. additional specifically, this literary composition explores the results of death on the living, like grief, mourning, and reminiscences of the deceased, additionally as a matter that therefore usually torments those that have lost loved ones to death: whether or not there’s a lifespan during which they’re going to be reunited with the dead. Poe uses the techniques of repetition, rime and rhythm. Words that are often used are: “Lenore,” which symbolizes his pain; “chamber door,” the main focus of audible irritation; and therefore the birds dissatisfactory response, “Nevermore.” samples of rime that make the repetition of vexing sounds are “while I nodded, nearly napping”; “perched upon the bust of Pallas”: and, “startled at the stillness.” Finally, the rhythm of the rhyme theme appears to inform one among a spastic rhythm that can’t quite be grasped or understood absolutely as Poe doesn’t end some lines’ meter however will end others.

In conclusion, to compare and contrast Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allan Poe, Dickinson and Poe used their personal emotions and experiences to write most of their work. Dickinson poetry tends to reflect her loneliness but is marked by the possibility of happiness. Dickinson’s poems were also about death, nature, belief, infinity or making love, though they were emotional, they were not horrific. Whereas Poe’s Poetry tends to reflect his life story which is why his poetry is mainly about death, insanity, and horrific gore. Dickinson and Poe’s writing style led to excellent emotional poems.

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