The Super Bowl As One Of The Biggest Advertising Platform

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The sole purpose of the business is to sell products and services for profit. Advertising helps businesses to make a profit, on the other hand, helps consumers choose which products and services to buy and the consumer to choose the most appropriate option. Today, the advertising industry has become a huge industry, offering a wide range of products and services. As a result, competition increases, and each business requires the best promotion of their products and services. This led to the development of a new advertising techniques and the rise in prices of today's advertising agencies. The goal of an advertising campaign is to provide an opportunity to deliver the product to the right people by raising awareness about the product, its benefits. This is important for business success. One of the biggest advertising platforms is the Super Bowl. During the commercial break of a typical TV show, viewers tend to focus elsewhere, while the Super Bowl is different. The Super Bowl is a popular name in the National Football League (NFL) championship. It is the world's most-watched sporting event every year, and in 2018 it aired in more than 170 countries, with an average of 104.3 million viewers. The advertisement is part of the show, and the Super Bowl ad takes 30 seconds to get a brand in the spotlight of more than 100 million people. The impact hit record highs, with brands paying $ 5.2 million per ad in the 2020 quarter. Super Bowl advertising prices have doubled in the last 10 years. Super Bowl ads have become a costly part of the game-like experience. From the beginning, several advertisements have been placed to promote the commercial idea of Super Bowl. For example, one of the most famous Apple's 1984 ads won an award and helped make Apple the company it is today.

Super bowl advertisement and marketing strategies

Most of the time super bowl marketing/advertisement becomes as big as the NFL game. That’s the reason why there is so much opportunities for marketers to post their advertisement at super bowl. Its very hard to get that exceptionally large audience anywhere else except super bowl. An average cost of 30 seconds advertisement in super bowl cost around $5.6 million USD. Here are some ways that you can market your product during super bowl.

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Make it simple but perfectly executed

There is no need to complicate the idea of your campaign. It only needs to be perfectly executed. Amazon’s Alexa Lost Her Voice was one of the good example of simple concept but really flawless timing, casting and filming. This suggests that from pre-launch of your campaign you need to ensure that every element flows smoothly and everything needs to be working perfectly.

Collaboration with right Influencers/celebrities

The collaboration with celebrities can be very beneficial of the super bowl advertisement as it draws more attention of the fans towards the campaign. Doritos advertisement campaign is a perfect example of working along with celebrities. And the amazon is another one. On YouTube alone those two campaigns combined has over 42 million views.

Merged promotion for Super bowl marketing campaigns

In this 21st century we can’t ignore role of social media in a success of any advertisement. People don’t expect marketers to stop at 30 to 60 seconds of quality content in an advertisement, they have to use more universal approach that combines both social and digital marketing campaigns, besides TV advertisements. Nowadays the trend is to make people curious by putting small teasers before the campaigns in YouTube or to start a conversation on Twitter or Facebook which leads to an engagement with people and might go viral even before an event.

Consideration of female fans as well

As we have seen in past as well, super bowl advertisements are more focused on men. As most of the fans used to be male but now the situation is changed and more and more women fans are watching super bowl in present time. So, it would be breakthrough as well as something new if advertisement focused on female fans could be made. It would be more successful advertisement and would reach to more bigger audience group.

Advertising activities on the digital era become very important to optimize the distribution of information about goods or services to consumers in a business activity. One of the advertisements that can be done is the use of both traditional and digital advertisements that can help marketing quickly and scalably. Advertising opportunities have expanded to varieties Internet formats such as display, search and online video ads, yet commercial television advertisement persists as the premier branding mechanism in the eyes of advertisers. Related to advertising and marketing topic, Super Bowl is the largest advertising event of the year especially in USA and Its very popular event that can reached a record up to 106.5 million people watched based on Super Bowl XLIV (Madden, L 2013,). This event has very high potential to create significant increases in “brand capital”. Also for the industry that wants to contribute to promoting their industry name on this event will be so much effective since it known the number of people who has interest and watched this event are very high. Furthermore, the brand cannot choose how many impressions it receives in each market despite substantive variations in the market in Super Bowl viewers based on NFL team performance and local preferences for both teams competing in one match (Hartmann, WR & Klapper, D 2014).

Commercial advertising is normally costly a lot, depends on the event or the commercial event that shows up on television based on rating of viewer. This can be the reason putting commercial ads on superbowl cost very high, Due the high interest of people watching this annual event are making so many of the huge company competed to put their name and advertise their product on this event, despite the cost to capturing that kind of mass audience is very high and it can be reached up to $2.5 million to $3 million to purchase just a 30-second ads on superbowl event XLIV (Flint 2010), but its worthy as every second of the ads show up will be seeing by millions of people at one time and it will definitely benefical .

How effective superbowl ads, doritos example

Superbowl is a huge platform where the National league football championship is held. As being a well-known platform, it has its own identity and due to this advertisement plays a very vital role in Superbowl. Every special thing has a pro and cons likewise Superbowl also has the advantage and disadvantage regrading advertising. As far as we have seen that Superbowl has lots of positive effect towards the advertising sector. Superbowl is seen by all around the world and has a huge audience so every company’s want its product to be advertise in the Superbowl so that the product will come to notice and which leads to brand recognition. The advertisement is just shown for short period of a time but the advertisement will get lots of love that after the match also people will still talk about the ad. this is really good platform for those company who are not in the big-name entities. After the brand recognition and the advertisement turn up on all the social media sites the video will gets viral and overall, the product will increase its sales. For an example Doritos, in 2020 February 2 the Doritos collaborate with hits song ‘OLD TOWN ROAD’ which was sung by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus. It was the top commercial videos watched by the viewer on the Sunday Superbowl LIV. After the Superbowl ad the Doritos experienced a 37% spike in online sales right after that. Although no matter how many people see the Superbowl but to spend 5 million dollars on single ad would be a really high cost for the company to spend. In spite for a small company due to its large charge for the ad the small company could not afford this kind of deal. Superbowl advertisement are always entertaining so that they also forget the key point to show that why the viewer should purchase that product.

Overall Superbowl is and will be the greatest platform for the marketing sector. It is a platform where the brand can recognize overnight.


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