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The Symbol Of Crow And Its Meaning In The Raven

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The Raven is a narrative poem by the American author edgar allan bo 1809-1849 published in 1845. Characterized by his music, his flamboyant language and the artificial atmosphere that it creates. The poem speaks of a mysterious visit of a raven speaking to a frightened lover and follows his slow descent into madness. The lover who is often said to be a student complains about the loss of his lover Lenore. It seems that the crow sitting on the bust of the palace increases the lover’s grief with his constant echo of the word never again.


Bo says the narrator is a student. However, this is not mentioned in the poem, but in an article written by ‘Bo’ later entitled ‘The philosophy of authorship.’ The poem also supports the idea that the narrator was a student or a young scholar by pointing out that the narrator was reading about the ‘knowledge’ as well as the statue of ‘Palace’ at the top of his room.

Poe chose the crow as a pivotal symbol of the poem because he wanted an ‘unthinking’ creature that could speak in line with the intended atmosphere of the poem. He said that the crow was the symbol of ‘the never-ending sad memory.’

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The reference to the crow in the poem as a sender turned us to the story of the Prophet Noah and to the book ‘The Mutant of Objects’ by Ovid. In the story of the Prophet Noah (peace be upon him), in his Hebrew version, Noah sent white clouds to see the situation after the flood, while the prophet remained in the ark. The raven found that the flood waters had begun to fade, but he was no longer immediately informed. This led him to be punished by turning him into black and forcing him to live to eat the carcass forever. In Ovid’s ‘Mutiny of Objects’ we find that the crow begins with the white color before the god ‘Apollo’ punishes him by turning him black because he has sent a message about the betrayal of a lover.

It is also mentioned in ‘The Book of Jeremiah’ (22: 8) in the Old Testament of the Bible. It is in the Book of Jeremiah that it is said: ‘Is there not a balm in Gilead? Is there no doctor?’ In this context, the balm of Gilead is used for medical purposes (perhaps this indicates that the narrator needs healing after losing ‘Lenore’).

The poem consists of 18 sections, each section contains six verses, most of which are relatively long.


The poet described the crow in a way that may be mixed, because the narrator of the poem describes his troubled psychological state. The crow may have come from the narrator’s imagination. As the narrator is confused, sad and frustrated, we find him sometimes hoping that the crow will come to him with a promise to throw his pet back, and sometimes he sees the opposite. The description of The Raven was not the same in all the frames once majestic and once abhorrent and once pyramid, of course the description of the crow is not important, but the writer wanted to present an analysis of his character and a statement of his dialogue with him.


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