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The Theme of Individuality in Brave New World

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Have you ever thought of living in a perfect society in which people do not have feelings and have sex and take drugs for happines. In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, a society in which people have to follow strict rules we are presented with the idea of individuality by the characters Bernard Marx, Helmholtz Watson, and John “The Savage”. Bernard has always been different to the Alphas because he physically didn’t look like one because of his height. Helmholtz feels out of place because he is too intelligent and knows more than he should about the society. John is an outsider, he came from the Savage Reservation and he did not grow up with all of the technology therefore he is an individual. These three characters disagree with rules and do not conform to the norms in the society they live in.

Bernard Marks is one of the main characters in Brave New World who is known for being an individual. He is known for being an individual and different from the rest of since he was young and this is demonstrated by things Bernard says to Lenina. “I want to know what passion is,” she heard him saying. “I want to feel something strongly”(94). Bernard is unsatisfied with the society norms of not being allowed to feel emotions. It makes him different from the rest of the citizens in the world state, and it also makes him different from Helmholtz and John. Bernard doesn’t want to seek truth like Helmholtz and John; he only wants to feel emotions, and that’s why he seeks different experiences such as finding love with Lenina. In this scene we overhear Henry Foster and the Assistant Predestinator talking about Lenina as if she were an object for sexual pleasure. “From his place on the opposite side of the changing-room aisle, Bernard Marx overheard what they were saying and turned pale”(44). In this scene it is the first time we meet Bernard Marx in the novel and right away we observe that he is different from the rest. Bernard turned pale because he was displeased with the society because of how indecent and obscene the men from the world state are towards women. Bernard is an individual for this reason because he has feelings and he disagrees with the norms in his society. Bernard was also jealous of Lenina’s relationship with Henry Foster. Bernard felt jealousy and this is a feeling which people are not allowed to have any type of feeling, and this is another reason why he is an individual.

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Helmholtz Watson is another individual in the world state. He is very close to Bernard and they are very good friends. Helmholtz is very smart, he is well respected in the World State. Helmholtz and Bernard are very different, Bernard is too weak to fit into society and Helmoltz is stronger and smarter than everyone. Helmholtz can relate to John, another individual. They both have things in common suchs as being intelligent and reading poetry. “Did you ever feel,” he asked, “as though you had something inside you that was only waiting for you to give it a chance to come out? Some sort of extra power that you weren’t using—you know, like all the water that goes down the falls instead of through the turbines“(69). For Helmholtz, disappointment comes from cerebral limits, not passionate limitations. This is a significant contrast between Helmholtz and Bernard. Helmholtz starts the novel in discontent. Here, we start to see that his concern is ability. Helmholtz’s ability for the composed word drives him to look for more enthusiastic experience than the World State permits. He isn’t substance to utilize just the socially valuable pieces of his ability. Through Helmholtz’s story, Brave New World proposes that the connection between serious feeling and craftsmanship is a basic piece of life for individuals who endure such as John yet in addition for craftsmen, similar to Helmholtz. We can observe that Helmzolts is smarter than the rest in the World state, this is the main reason why he is an individual and doesn’t fit in with the rest.

The last character that is known to be an individual is John also known as “The Savage“. John was born on the Savage Reservation to Linda, who had lived in the World State and been left alone in the Savage Reservation by Tomakin, who doesn’t know about his reality until John shows up in London as a grown-up. His life on the reservation is hopeless, he isn’t acknowledged by different savages and can’t comprehend the method for his very own mother; as a result, he is isolated and is hoping for something better. “I ought to have been there,” the young man went on. “Why wouldn’t they let me be the sacrifice? I’d have gone round ten times-twelve, fifteen. Palowhtiwa only got as far as seven. They could have had twice as much blood from me. The multitudinous seas incarnadine.” He flung out his arms in a lavish gesture; then, despairingly, let them fall again. “But they wouldn’t let me. They disliked me for my complexion. It’s always been like that. Always.” Tears stood in the young man’s eyes; he was ashamed and turned away.(116)“. John’s first appearance shows his most important characteristic which is that he wants to suffer, because he believes suffering is beneficial. John also has a desire to sacrifice himself and this is foreshadowed at the end of the book, when he drew torturous experiences and finally decided to end his life . John spent many years of his life reading and examining Shakespeare. Therefor it makes him an individual for his behavior and different beliefs.

The World State controlled by Mustafa Mond has many rules and beliefs in which people are brainwashed to obey. Bernard, Helmholtz, and John are distinct to the rest of the citizens by having their own unique differences. Therefore they are rejected by society and my lead to consequences such as going to Iceland or just be told to leave the World State. People in the real world are unique some may not be accepted by others but uniqueness makes a person. The topic of individuality answers many questions such as: Should people have to be the same? Should they be rejected by the society because of havings their own uniqueness? And finally what are the consequences of being an individual and disobeying the norms of a society. People in our society should be different and should do, believe, and act in their own sort of way.

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