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The Theme Of Love In Annabel Lee By Edgar Allan Poe

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The poem’ argues that love as the greatest force presents in the universe and no power can destroy it, not even in death. The poet stands against all of the opponents of the an eternal and undying love Poe uses the theme of love to illustrate on the undying strong bond of love that remains even after Annabelle’s Lee death.

The speaker represents their love as an intense and eternal love , the speaker represents the first stanza as a beginning of a fairytale, it can be concluded that this love can be defined by its ability to remain alive eternally as he says ‘many and many a year ago'(Poe 1). The speaker represents this intense love since childhood as he says ‘I was a child and she was a child’ which means that he lives with this love since childhood(Poe 7).In addition, the speaker represents that their love was ‘more'(Poe 9) than love itself, this means that their love not only goes beyond people, but also surpasses the earthly realm, this represents that the speaker keeps describing this love as a rare and idealized love.

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The speaker represents his love as a strong and undying love as he says ‘But our love it was stronger by far than the love'(Poe 27), he represents that their love was more than powerful between people older and wiser than them as he says ‘ But our love it was stronger by far than the love- Of those who were older than we – Of many far wiser than we'(Poe 27-29). The speaker represents that true love resides in souls and never dies, he represents that their love cannot be defeated even by death, insists that nothing can separate his soul from his beloved Annabelle Lee and refuses to let go of her love and she will be linked forever, the speaker keeps assuring that this love will ultimately win over everything else and achieve a victory as he says ‘Nor the demons down under the sea, Can ever dissever my soul from the soul Of the beautiful Annabelle Lee'(Poe 31-34). He represents their love as an idealistic and pure love by using personification, he represents that even angels envy their love and kill Annabelle Lee in the end (Poe 21-26), this represents that this love changes even the powerful rules of the spiritual world, because envying usually comes from humans.

the speaker represents that he is incapable to experience the moon, stars, or sea without being stuck with thoughts of Annabel Lee, the speaker represents his strong insistence on the supernatural power of their love which this means that he faces a trauma by the loss of his beloved Annabelle Lee as he says in the last stanza (Poe 35-42), the speaker indicates to the star as a symbol that reminds him of his lover’s stunning beauty as he says ‘But I feel the bright eyes Of the beautiful Annabelle Lee’ (Poe 37-38) which it means that he feels her presence all the time and he is stuck in thinking and dreaming about this love even when he is looking at the moon or stars.

Finally, this poem focuses in the theme of love and represents it as the greatest power or force on earth and that nothing can destroy it as long as it is a true feeling.

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