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The Trends In Biotechnology

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Table of contents

  1. Abstract
  2. Initial public offering (IPO)
  3. Human Augmentation via Brain-Computer Interfacing
  4. Food Engineering
  5. References


Recent upswing and advances in science and technology has exposed a great impact on all areas of human life. One of the most significant fields of science and technology is Biotechnology. The progression in biotechnology and the trends of biotechnology brought forward thinking and solutions for many of the complications that the human race are and will be facing, including but not limited to the problem of nourishing a large population but however, at the same time, it poses some new intimidations and challenges to human beings as well.

Initial public offering (IPO)

Its’s just been a several months into 2019 and biotech companies have already elevated millions of dollars in all of IPOs that are available today on the market. Here are a few examples that I was able to follow and watch: Axcella Health raised $71.4 while Milestone Pharmaceuticals clocked up $82.5 million. Larger breakthroughs like Ideaya and Bicycle Therapeutics broke the bank with IPOs amounting to over $100 million. (Terry, 2018) This is one of the common trends is clearer than all for biotech IPOs in 2019. Most of the average share buyer and or day trader are hopeful about the advancing and evolving biotech technology. If things continue for all IPOs related to biotech sector will raise even more money than in any earlier years recorded.

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Human Augmentation via Brain-Computer Interfacing

With evolving mobile phone technology and as well as laptops are now receiving more human interaction and attention than other. These well common devices deliver today population an easy access to information, connective among friends and family at about any given time. In 2019, Elon Musk’s own venture, Neuralink, has been making serious rapid steps in assimilation of human intelligence with artificial intelligence. His company is creating brain-machine interfaces that will multiply the connection of humans and machines in the future. The company is in a recruitment drive to help further Human Augmentation via Brain-Computer Interfacing. They are anticipated to fill all positions and start developing by the end of the year.

Food Engineering

Factory producing and generating of meat has serious industrial and environmental consequences. The industry stems more carbon than all the cars combined, there’s additional consumption of water and grain as well. And most of these grains are disseminated from third world countries where a substantial chunk of the population is still way below proper daily nourishment thresholds. One of the first major challenge of food engineering is to disrupt the use of livestock manufacturing. Producing food source that will substitute the livestock industry necessitates the use of cutting-edge technology of today. All if not most of these experimentations rely on gene alteration and meat grown from plant cells inside laboratories.


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