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The Understanding Of The Meaning Of Human Sexuality In Modern World

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Sexuality is an integral part of the human being. Human gender will play important role in their life. Some people get attracted towards opposite gender some people get attracted toward same gender. But on the other hand, human sexuality has some illness and an unintended result that can affect our overall health. Human sexuality is important for several reasons. Human sexuality is important for those who are planning on having a child, and for those who are looking for a birth control that fits their lifestyle, and some are looking to terminate a pregnancy for health or practical reasons. Sexual energy is a main source of what encourage us to get intimate in relationships.

Learning about human sexuality is important for me because this is a very new and interesting topic and the main reason for me to study human sexuality to gain more information about sexuality in relationships. It also helps me in developing my ability to make an intelligent sexual choice based on my own need. And the knowledge about human sexuality protects me from any kind of transmitted infections. Moreover, I never read about sex deeply. So, when I choose this topic at that time I was very confused about this course because it is very different from any other subject. To be honest I feel very uncomfortable in front of others because I cannot talk openly about human sexuality. But after choosing this course I learn about many new things. And the discussions in this course help me to enhance my knowledge and help me to speak openly about sex. Secondly, I do many assignment and discussion on different topics that helps me to know more about different topics that what are the methods of sex and what method is used for birth control. Before taking this course I only know about one method- condom. But after reading this course I get know about many new methods like Birth control pills, Hormonal patches, Birth control implants, Vaginal ring. And another method is Barrier birth control methods which includes Diaphragms, Condoms, Cervical caps, Spermicides.

As community member, family and workplace

  • As a community member: Human sexuality is an important topic for everyone. This teaches us that talking about sex in public is not a bad thing. Like I already mention that I really feel uncomfortable talking about sex but now my fear is gone now I can teach the people about human sexuality and aware them about this topic to protect them from any kind of incident. And I also encourage them to spread this knowledge to other people in our community
  • As a family member: Now I can teach my younger brother and sister about sex and I can also give them knowledge about what type of problem people face if they do not use the right ways. Secondly, I can give ideas and solution for controlling birth and give them knowledge of different birth control methods.
  • As on workplace: I can help people who are working with me. If someone shares any problem with me then I can help according to my knowledge and moreover, I can also ensure that no employee feels unsafe at the workplace by giving them knowledge about human sexuality this will help those people who face sexual harassment.

And I also know many things like the background history of human sexuality that when it evolves and what method was used by people at that time and how they control the birth problems. Our sexuality is rooted in how we understand and define ourselves, how we perceive others, and how we see the world.

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Specific topics

The topic which I like the most in this course is “love”. I learn that what love in the form of sexuality is. Love is a force of nature. Love is bigger than you are. You can invite love, but you cannot dictate love. Everyone has a different meaning of love. Some say love means: a life of the very emotional person but some say love means Long Original Valuable Emotion.

Love is divided into four forms- romantic love means idealized love based on romance. Secondly, unrequited love- loving to that person who will never come. The Third is passionate love means includes physical attraction and elation. The Last one is conjugal love means deep attachment, trust, and loyalty. I learn about love very deeply I know that what behavior and emotions can be changed during the love. I like this topic because I think that love is very close to my heart. We cannot express our feelings that we love someone, but it is our behavior which describes that we love someone. As a community member love is part of everyone’s life. Almost every people have their love partners. For example, I am also in love with someone special. So, I can help other people who live around me that how we feel when we love someone and as family member I always understand the feelings of other.

The Second topic that really influences me that is the importance of communication between two people. Good communication increases the probability that the relationship will last. According to me if any relation breaks the only reason is poor communication. It is normal that in every relation communication problem is normal, but it is our responsibilities that how we save our relation and how improve the relation. Most of the time many relations are ended because they cannot maintain that feeling who they feel in starting of relation. Male and women communicate in different ways. Women have a higher speech quantity that is they use more words, due to hormones during fetal development. I learned that we communicate in a verbal and non-verbal way. I learned that mostly non-verbal communicate is famous in the couple. Because they can understand the facial expression of their partner. Like when he/she angry, happy and irritate. Secondly, non-verbal communication shows your sexual desire and reinforce verbal message. It also helps me to know about my partner that if her facial expression is changed during our conversation then I can understand that she is not interested, or she is board. Now I can properly maintain my relation and easily understand the desire of my partner. Mostly a common mistake couple makes when arguing. So overall communication is best for resolving relation.


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