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The Use of Mobile Applications and Systems in Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis

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Bipolar disorder are growing among youth as well as adults in an alarming rate. Still today doctors rely on taking daily accounts on pen and paper to keep track of the patients. This method is old and harmful in ways that doctors can’t keep timely record of the conditions of patients and this can also lead to deaths of patients. Thus this system needs improvisation.

The system I am proposing to research about is an automated system which will keep track of patients in real time to understand their health status. This will help doctors to keep in knowledge about their patients and thus they can prevent any harmful activities that can take place because of information mismatch. According to the articles I have reviewed there are various ways to track information about patients. Among them all, the use of smart devices like mobiles serve as a major basis for ease of achieving that target. Also there is the technology which use body sensors by incorporation them in vests. But I propose to do a research on the use of mobile applications for this purpose because this is widely used. Alsoม I believe it will be easier to use.

Thus, on the basis of the facts that I have researched, I propose to investigate the use of mobile applications and systems in bipolar disorder diagnosis. It will be a major help in this field of medication. Alsoม we have enough resources for our references. Thusม it will also be easier to identify all the relevant variables and concepts.

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A Bipolar Disorder Monitoring System Based on Wearable Device and Smartphone There is a high growth in ageing population and healthcare costs are increasing and as a result the time is ripe to introduce wearable sensors. The article proposes remote patient monitoring system which is connected to a medical datacentre through a mobile device. These monitoring systems will send the warning signs about the condition of patients to doctors and thus, doctors can monitor them which will help in the prevention of accidents.

Smartphone-Centred Wearable Sensors Network for Monitoring Patients with Bipolar Disorder Bipolar Disorder is a severe form of mental illness as it encompasses alternated episodes of mania and depression. Wearable systems help in identifying such disorders and help prevent any type of accidents. The article introduces MONARCA wearable systems which helps in recognizing early warning signs and predict maniac or depressive episodes.

Smartphone‑based objective monitoring in bipolar disorder: status and considerations According to WHO, the use of mobile and wireless technologies to support the achievement of mental health or other health objectives has a tremendous potential to transform the face of health service delivery across the globe. Lifelogging is a concept cited in the article which refers to the activity of producing a continual record of everyday life. Mobile phones and smart devices can help achieve this target because they can continually monitor the health of patients.

Wearable Monitoring for Mood Recognition in Bipolar Disorder based on History-Dependent Long-Term Heart Rate Variability Analysis Current clinical practices to diagonise patients with psychiatric disorder is based on verbal interviews and scores from specific questionnaires. The device proposed is a comfortable T-shirt with integrated fabric electrodes and sensors that are able to acquire electrocardiogram, respirogram and body posture information in order to detect pattern for diagnosis. The mood effect is diagonised as Markov’s chain in which each mood refers to a previous one. Thus there is interrelation.


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