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The Use of Robots in Teaching Children of Primary School Age

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These days, robots are used more often in colleges, beyond their regular applications in engineering. Robot teachers could be a big step to prepare the primary kids to be an innovative and smart generation in the future so they could build their life and country. It promotes interactive learning, making kids more involved in their learning activities.

In order to develop their skills, primary school students face the most critical time of their life in order to. So, the use of robots facilitates immersive learning and increases the participation of children in their educational experiences. Such as their academic skills to be prepared for the next education years, increases their interest in engineering and develop their problem-solving skills. Throughout education, the use of robotics for primary school children has the potential to help children develop different academic skills such as understanding the science process, developing mathematical concepts and increasing success scores. Robots teaching primary students seem to be ideal for the growth of language skills because it allows for more communication, since the children are more known to be shy in this age.

The use of robots in teaching primary children should be allowed because this could be the solution into increasing their confidence in choosing what they want to be in the future and creating the best one for them. Robots have the capacity of planning plan the future of children. It should be allowed to let it teach primary children, as this would be the answer to develop their confidence in choosing who they wish to be and making the best for them. “Robots are the key to a successful future for students with the interest and motivation to pursue careers in this field and raise interests in technology” (‘Five Reasons to Teach Robotics in Schools’, 2018). To provide the best future for these children it is important to make sure that they are ready from every field they will face in the next education years. Robotics is an industry that develops and becomes an important industry and forms our children’s future environment. Remember that robots impact the lives of children already, and this is accomplished with digital technologies that almost every household uses. So, for kids, this is not really a big challenge (‘Programing Robots in Camps Prepare Kids for The Future’, 2017). Technology is one of the most important factors on kids’ lives, they use it when they were kids as a distracting or for fun too and has a really good results so it’s not new to them. Also, robots are useful for developing the children language skills. According to Chang (2010), a humanoid robot tested in schools for teaching a second language, results showed a strong participation of children. Furthermore, the students will be able to manage the communication skills in the future if they traveled to a foreign country or faced a terrorist. “Social robots can increase the positive attitudes” (‘Attitudes Toward Using Social Robots in Psychotherapy’, n.d). Furthermore, this study showed that social robots can improve positive attitude of the children, which means that not only a genius generation will appear but an optimistic one too. The use of robotics also provided the kids with an opportunity to demonstrate their different cognitive abilities and a practical platform for showing the kids activities, problems and learning opportunities (Cook, A., Encarnação, P., & Adams, K., 2010). Finally, as long as the children are trained professional on the fields mentioned, then their future is in good hands.

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Robots have a positive impact on children’s behavior. “The majority of people have positive attitudes as concerning the use of robots for psychotherapy, considering them useful tools and that they can increase the effectiveness of psychological treatments” (‘Attitudes Toward Using Social Robots in Psychotherapy’, n.d). In addition, this shows that some sensors could be added to the robot machine like knowing how to develop the behavior of the children in certain times.

If the robots are designed well by the company, the result will be satisfying. “Helps them increase their maturity levels and prepare them for real-world situations” (‘Advances in the Use of Educational Robots in Project-Based Teaching’, 2015). The student faces come pressure and stress during a certain time on their school, giving them the solution to this issue would be really helpful for them. Such as telling them how to organize their work weekly, so they don’t get pressured in the last of the semester and give them the steps to follow. Furthermore, doing some small prizes for the one who is most organized will improve the others to follow. Robots speeds the pace of insight and understanding of the children of primary schools. Robots make students perform different tasks and movements; different abilities start to shine.

Many had the opposite opinion about this topic. Saying robots can’t teach children because they can’t elaborate with them and cannot help the children thrive in a future world. “Teachers provide the emotional support and boundaries that will help children becoming flourishing adults in a future world, something that robots could not be programmed to do” (Montes, N., Rosillo, N., Mora, M., & Hilario, L., 2018). Primary children are most likely to copy what they see, as long as the robot provide them different fun learning activities, they will elaborate with them and not focus on the negative side, also if there are a big company then they can add the best sensors on the robots to help elaborating with the kids. The support that an instructor can provide may not be provided by robots. Teachers can clarify things for students, provide numerous teaching methods, and encourage students, while robots cannot even provide the same or similar things (Montes, N., Rosillo, N., Mora, M., & Hilario, L, 2018). Technology can tell both students and people things, including with a variety of teaching methods. Apps like Photomath can provide explanations for students. If students want a solution, it can be turned to a book page or answered humanly by the robot when there are common questions. Let’s mentions some examples happening these days. Robots have already been introduced which can rate homework. The Scantron tools for multiple selection quests are used, and applications such as Math’s Learning of how software can read numbers. Similar technology can be used in prose, leading to letters. Examples of robots that can read and correct grammar have already been provided. Robots can detect if the ball is in the strike area and whether anybody is out of boundaries. Therefore, robots can learn and interpret additional rules and provide them to the kids.

By all counts, robots will be the first step, the biggest to change the world, they will not make the world an increasingly difficult place to live in for our children. Students and robots in primary school should work together to achieve good things with the right knowledge. Robots were shown to be better than managers. A robot can’t do anything a teacher can. Thus, robots will replace primary school teachers in the (probably distant) future.

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