The Use Of Torture In The USA: For And Against

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The government should only use torture when it is needed because if they use it and are found to be wrong with their decision then the government would be in trouble.There are a lot of countries that look at torture as a solution, but for the U.S. government torture can account as a burden when lawsuits are pushed against the government for the wrong accusation. Some people have seen torture and think it is wrong right away, but for others 'Life-saving torture is not cruel. It is ... morally justifiable.'(Mirko Bagaric) Mirko Bagaric is a perfect example of pro-torture because he thinks if torture will save innocent lives then it should be allowed, but if it doesn’t then we have to accept our failure. Torture is seen as a way of being compassionate. On the other hand, torture is inflicting pain and suffering. Torture has not provided the correct answer for the U.S. government, therefore it shouldn’t be used unless it is the last resort.

Torture is the inflicting of severe pain onto a person. A lot of countries have torture as a solution. It is seen to be able to save thousands of lives, but by hurting someone. If the government shall use torture it should be because no result has been found while using other ways to solve the issue. A lot of people support it because it is saving innocent lives. On the other hand,the government could be hurting innocent lives to save others. Torture isn’t a natural form of interrogation, but the excessive stem of it, which allows for information to be derived from people through pain. It isn’t the opportunity to hurt someone, but the opportunity to prevent a future attack or even to find someone. Torture has been reliable, but in recent years it has proven to not help. It isn’t all the time when it is inflicted, but when it is it is for a good caused. Although it can be proven to help in some areas. Overall torture is wrong and shouldn’t be permitted. Barack Obama has took away U.S. torture because it isn’t a pull factor of the country, instead a shove away.

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Furthermore, torture is reliable. Innocent lives could be at stake and if torture is what the government has to do to save them, why not do it? Torture can be very momentus because it can allow someone to live or someone to die, but it is also necessary. Having the “right to life”(Mirko Bagaric) is given to a person as they are born. Torture prevents that right from being snatched away by such terrorist activities; September 11, 2001, the twin towers were attacked by the Al-Qaeda in a bombing activity. Problems can't always be solved with torture, but if it can some people will support it. Torture is often viewed in a negative way, but for some people if one life can save thousands of other lives then they wouldn’t mind making that sacrifice.

On the other hand, pain and suffering isn’t something a normal human being would like to inflict on another. It also doesn’t bring pleasing thoughts and in some cases makes people ache or fear it because as humans we automatically think of pain, suffering, or havoc on one person or multiple people’s bodies, minds, or even souls. Torture isn’t justified because if the government used it and was wrong they wouldn’t be able to cover it up. The palestinian authority used torture in wrongful ways and so many people saw it as an act of immaturity and non-human like. Although torture can be reliable, it shouldn’t be used unless it is the last resort because then the government would have tried all the other possible ways to save lives without hurting another, even if they were the one who caused the havoc.

Torture doesn’t just make it seem like the government is choosing the wrong decision, but it also makes the U.S. look bad. Most people in the U.S. see other countries that enable torture such as communist countries and think they are evil. So when the U.S. government decides to use it the people look at them as if they are evil. To put suffering onto one person for the protection of others and then fail is the worst position that any government can be put in. Although torture may extract information, not all torture is reliable. One issue of a failed attempt to save lives is Abu Ghraib, a prison facility in Iraq. Abu Ghraib tortured many of the prison inmates to get information about the Taliban, future terrorist attacks, or even locations of certain criminals. In the midst of doing so the prison was shut down because no reliable information was given. These acts of the prison were seen as horrible and unnecessary, since nothing was being accomplish.

Likewise, after the 9-11 attack the U.S. government searched for certain criminals and tortured those who wouldn’t give up any information. In the end it seemed the captured criminals didn’t know anything, so they had nothing to say. This portrayed America as the villian and many people believed the government should be punish, so NATO(North Atlantic Treaty Organization) brought the government to court and decided the U.S. shouldn’t be allowed to use torture unless it is the last possible answer to use. Many people believe torture is just cruel or inhumane. Although it is both cruel and inhumane, it helps the country by allowing them to get criminals off the streets if they could. It isn’t every day that someone is getting hurt by the government in the many forms of torture, but it is everyday when the people make up their minds about it.

Another example is the television series 24. 24 shows a time limit that any country can be put on in order to save people’s lives. In the show a woman is being tortured because she is seen as a possible terrorist or knows about possible terrorist attacks. As a result she was innocent and went back to her daily life not knowing what to expect from the people who are suppose take care of her. Usually torture is seen used by “villains”(David Danzig), but now it seems the people who think of their government as “heroes”(David Danzig) no longer do because it is now the good people who are enabling such actions to be taken. The show has promoted many forms of torture. More and more people who are pro-torture realize it isn’t about whether the government can save lives through torture, but it is more about how the government saved the lives.

Finally, if torture can be limited to the last solution then more people would be in favour of it because they have seen the government try everything they could. It strikes a harsh opinion in people about their own country when they see the actions they took because pain isn’t a good feeling and although torture is put on the criminal, the country feels it ten times worse. Whether or not the citizens can trust the government is based off of their actions, so if they see cruelty or even causes of suffering trust is lost and rebellious attitudes arise with riots. Torture has its many forms. One form is racism. In the time of Martin Luther King Jr. many rebellious attitudes formed and protests against the government took place. Meanwhile, the government had laid back and let it happened and allowed time to tell when they would announce peace.

In conclusion, there are many things to fear about torture, but the main thing is what the world will become. If enough people realize that the government of many countries have used torture in a wrongful way then people will rise up against them. There will be domination against the countries or civil wars could break out. People will lose their heads and create a new order. So if this type of future can be prevented, then do something about it. Life is to valuable to let it go to waste by the hands of torture. Not only will people break their government, but they will struggle to build a new government from the bottom up and could possibly result in world domination.

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