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The Values Of The Life Of The Past In Great Gatsby

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Gatsby sacrificed himself for the love of the past, is it worth it? In the Great Gatsby, Gatsby’s life of the past was poor and hopeless. Gatsby became a rich man five years later, and he refused to recall his past and cover his past with lies. But he still picked up his previous memories in the story. In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald reveals the desire make people succeed through the behaviour of Gatsby, expresses the unwillingness to succumb to fate, and compares the unrequited love between the nobility and the poor like Daisy and Gatsby.

First and foremost, the author reflects the desire of human nature by describing the behavior of the character. Gatsby is the core of this article. He exists as a collection of contradictions, transmitting the most complicated side of humanity. There are two kinds of desires in him. One is his longing for rights and money. People can see the deep imprint on him in the era of worship from Gatsby. “Gatsby was overwhelmingly aware of the youth and mystery that wealth imprisons and preserves, of the freshness of many clothes, and of Daisy, gleaming like silver, safe and proud above the hot struggles of the poor”(Fitzgerald, 2013). Gatsby’s first contact with the aristocrats shocked him. Before that, he had never had such a clear picture; but he strengthened his faith; in the face of eternal wealth, people appear humble and small, and in the hands of money, they can master Go to everything you want. The other is his desire for love of the past. “ ‘Can’t repeat that past?’ he cried incredulously. ‘Why of course you can!’ ”(Fitzgerald, 2013). Gatsby wants to reshape what has happened and somehow bring him together with Daisy’s future. Gatsby stubbornly believed that Daisy’s departure was due to his poverty. He did not blame sin, but blamed all anger on his own poverty, so he unscrupulously obtained wealth. With two desires, Gatsby became a mysterious and wealthy Mr. Gatsby five years later. His attachment and desire for love blinded his eyes, or he knew that he was destined to disillusion and pursue the blazing moment. When Gatsby got the money and status, his heart was not satisfied with it, he wanted more. In his eyes, Daisy is more like the embodiment of eternal wealth and all beautiful things. Therefore, he did not hesitate to let Daisy return to him at all costs, as if the moths were persistent and blazing. Gatsby’s love for Daisy is not only the person of Daisy, but more of the unfinished love that was five years ago. In the end, Gatsby died for this undesired desire and love. Gatsby’s strong desire led to success and prosperity, and the desire to be paranoid and persistent led to the most glorious moment of his life. Human desires are filled with this novel. It can make people get the highest glory, and they can make them fall to death. But whether it is success or failure, it has made you work hard without regret.

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What is more, the authors construct the character to reflect their unwillingness to fight for their own destiny. In this novel, people can see that Gatsby is not willing to live in poverty and strive to fight this established destiny. Gatsby was born in poverty, and he longed for money. He is not willing to be a poor man or tragic about his own destiny. Therefore, Gatsby and his fate are unyieldingly fighting. In order to achieve this goal, Gatsby set a strict timetable for his life and study, and worked tirelessly according to the timetable to fight for the fate, hard work and frugality. The 17-year-old Gatsby is doing a livelihood at the beach, as his class should do. It is said that Gatsby is unconventional but destined for an ordinary life will continue this way. And a year later, Cody’s yacht entered here, but it became a turning point in Gatsby’s fate. Five years after the ship was circled in the United States, Cody passed away. Gatsby received only a small bequest from him. What is even more precious is that all the secrets of the upper class were spread before his eyes. “He was left with his singularly appropriate education; the vague contour of Jay Gatsby had filled out to the substantiality of a man”(Fitzgerald, 2013). Gatsby has taken the first step in the fight against fate. As an ordinary soldier, Gatsby, despite his military enthusiasm, is still poor. He completely lost the dawn of Daisy, and began to sell private liquor. He became a rich man, and started to buy luxury villas and host large banquets in order to once again attract the lover Daisy. Gatsby struggled to fight against his tragic fate. He could even say that his struggle was successful. “Gatsby believed in the green light with such intensity that he did not realize his immature dream was unattainable from the start. But due to human nature, the mature dream of social progress as well as individual improvement—the altruistic collective ideal—that too is unattainable”(Hollister, 2014). Even if Gatsby did not realize that his struggle could not have been achieved, he did not wait until he knew that he had disappeared into this rotten era with the fate that had succeeded in his heart. Destiny cannot be changed easily, but when people are unwilling to fight against their own destiny, people maybe get a different ending.

Eventually, the author describes the love of Gatsby and Daisy to reflect the different views of the nobility and the poor. The love between Gatsby and Daisy cannot tell who is right or wrong, but people can feel the views of the different classes on love, especially the nobility. When Gatsby was a child, he had an indescribable ambition because of the environmental bail-out. In order to achieve this goal, he has always believed that self-discipline will make him successful. All in all, Gatsby’s childhood and adolescence, just a few words is enough to let the readers experience the suppression of a great boy. He is like a romanticist wrapped in material and reality. Romance is the core that drives him. The reality is the shackles of his life. In contrast, Daisy’s childhood grew up in the warm western upper class. In this unopened stage, Daisy’s material conditions are rich and unconcerned, and the childish personality and way of thinking have been preserved for a long time, which also develops her cloudless personality – hard to understand and cherish. She is more like a realist who is packaged as innocent. The reality is her bones. Romance is the flesh and blood that she is second to the reality. When the romantic Gatsby encounters realism Daisy, this undoubtedly means the tragedy between them. “According to Rubin’s definition, love consists of ‘Affiliative and dependent need,’ ‘Predisposition to help,’ and ‘Exclusiveness and absorption,’ and ‘Liking’ also has three components: ‘Favorable evaluation,’ ‘Respect,’ and ‘Perception of similarity’ ”(Masuda, 2003). Gatsby’s feeling for Daisy is a mixture of “love” and “like”. In Gatsby’s heart, all the praises are more than the image of Daisy in his mind. At the moment of exposure to reality, perhaps he was disappointed, but continued to use his innocent nature to stick to what he longed for. Daisy’s feeling for Gatsby is swaying between “likes” and “no love”. When she met Gatsby for the first time at the age of eighteen, she was used to and enjoying the feelings of the stars. Therefore, for the matter of feelings, the maiden of the girlhood is like a play. When Gatsby entered her life as an officer, great freshness and passion would influence her. But this relationship is limited to this, there is no exclusivity, no acceptance. The class and experience of Daisy made her finally choose to schedule the future life now. It can be seen that Gatsby’s “love” cannot be exchanged for the true heart of Daisy’s swing. At the level of romantic relationship, there is disparity and disagreement between the nobility and the poor.

To sum up, Gatsby may have been keenly aware of the inevitability of the tragic ending, he tries his best to pursue his own desires, he uses the greatest strength to change the destiny that will eventually decline, and strives for the love and class that is not his own with the greatest strength. Gatsby may have accepted the banter of the ending, but he still tried his best. Because he is standing at the end of his life, he can look back as noble as his proud life, and then go to the inevitable annihilation of his pursuit of this path. Since memories and the past already exist, do not give up on them. Sometimes think about it and look back, they are still part of your current glory.

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