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The Vision Of Science In The Scientific Revolution vs. Today

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The modern vision of science is similar to the ways science is practiced today with an overall intention of improving objective scientific research to the benefit of humanity, yet differs with biased research prevailing today. The modern vision of science is used to benefit humanity today with medicine to improve the quality of life for humans, similar to what Sir Francis Bacon and Rene Descartes of the Scientific Revolution had in mind. The modern vision of science differs from the way science is practiced today with biased scientific research being fueled by corporations benefiting from swayed results being prevalent today.

The vision of science was similar to today’s practice through the core idea of scientific research benefiting humanity. Bacon wrote that true science that benefits humanity only exists in a collaborative environment that creates new knowledge, like what he wrote in The New Atlantis where philosophers lived and worked in the House of Solomon, spreading a community that fostered new ideas. If a group of scientists knows about new ideas, more experiments can be done to bring the discovery of new knowledge, benefiting humanity. Bacon proposed that observations about nature are true knowledge, like when he claimed that one studies a river in order to learn about nature and its properties. The science supporting the needs of humanity was the modern vision of science, which is similar to what is practiced today with advances in medicine saving lives. Scientists share data with other researchers to discover information, such as when the University of West Virginia shared with other research teams that Volkswagen diesel cars had been polluting an order of magnitude more nitrogen oxide into the air than Volkswagen claimed. Cross-checking data from around the world allowed researchers to force Volkswagen to recall all diesel cars, benefiting humanity with cleaner air. Research communities create new advances in science today, like how the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases promoted the development of HIV treatment, allowing those infected to live to a normal age. Bacon’s claim that science should benefit the lives of people is a shared vision, through the use of science to benefit humanity with science improving the quality of life today.

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The modern vision of science differs from how science is practiced today with the scientific revolutionary idea of unbiased science, that biases do not allow science to progress. Bacon wrote in his book Novum Organum that science should always be open to inquiry in order to eliminate personal biases that may have interfered with test results. Descartes claimed that past knowledge shown as fact stood in the way of change. These men believed that traditions were obstacles in the modern vision of science, and therefore should be eliminated. European car giants such as Volkswagen and Mercedes created their own fake research firm which tried to demonstrate diesel fumes were not as bad as other studies would have you believe. Companies want test results that stimulate the sale of their products, benefiting themselves. Mylan raised the price of their EpiPen knowing that the drug is the main way to curb severe allergic reactions. Companies such as Mylan put profit over unbiased information. The vision of science and the way it is practiced today differ in practice due to a focus on self-interest instead of the benefit of humanity in mind.

The modern vision of science differs from the way it is practiced today based on the fact that people have their own biases and personal benefit in mind, instead of benefiting humanity. One gains power by putting oneself above the wellbeing of others. A hunger for power leads people to abuse the ideals of science for control. People today still want to help others through the practice of science, implementing scientific advances to save lives as well as the environment.

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