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Abstract There is a gap of over ninety years between the advent of T. S. Eliot as a major poet and the literature of our own time. An approach to Eliot at the end of twentieth Century might lead one to believe that Eliot is now out dated, that he belongs to the twenties and that the intellectual, emotional and spiritual tendencies of that period were different from our own. But it would be helpful to remember that relevance of...
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The Waste Land is a poem of breakdowns, psychological breakdowns of marriages and relationships, breakdowns of poetry and language and evidently the entire world. The carnage of the first World War had laid waste to Europe and made a mockery of civilisation thus starting the evolution of modernism and new forms of expression. After the war, it was T.S Eliot who had to represent and sustain a culture that was on the brink of collapse. First published in 1922, The...
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A few years before joining the Church of England, T.S Eliot published The Waste Land. During this time, he contemplated on the idea of joining the church as a way of salvation. His ideas of rebirth and salvation, at this time, resonate through the poem’s lines. The Waste Land, as a whole, is not considered a religious poem; however there are aspects of it that have revealed some religious views. Eliot makes reference to the various images of Christian beliefs,...
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When it comes to modern writers, there are many representative modern writers, such as Thomas Stearns Eliot, William Butler Yeats, Cormac McCarthy, Margaret Atwood, and Martin Amis. In their novels, readers are asked to acknowledge their inherent difficulties and admit their current situation. Western modernity literature is part of the capitalist culture of the 20th century. It does not advocate that readers use works to reproduce life, but advocates starting from people's psychological feelings, to express the oppression and distortion...
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TS Eliot uses water as a motif throughout the Waste Land. It is shown in different lights: at the beginning we can see that water is the cause of death and in the last book we see water an essential asset for life. Eliot links water to religion and spirituality to create a clear connection between the decay of the modern world and the drowned Phoenician sailor. I will also discussion how Eliot uses physical landscapes with water to show...
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Most of piece of writing values aren't told expressly. Several values were hidden between words. The words can have 2 interpretations that are the literal that means and also the hidden meaning. This double that means principally are often found in poetry in type of sign. Those signs will have completely different that means besides the literal meaning. The assistance to interpret signs is semiotic. Semiotic could be a study concerning signs. In his reading of The Waste Land, Philip...
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The cultural phenomenon of modernism arose in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in result of wanting to break past generic works and create something new and modern as another way of expressing the changes of society. Pre-modernism was a way that people created things like art in service of god. Literature was created to document history or particular lifestyles as they happened. The modernists always wanted to progressively make their work better. An author from the modernist period,...
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Thomas Stearns Eliot stands as a great poet of the 20th century. He is regarded as a rebel poet who discusses city life, its barrenness, immoral attitude and activities of the city people, loss of faith in religious traditions, and so on. It is said that a great poet in writing of him writes his age, we find the same quality in the masterpiece of T. S. Eliot 'The Waste Land'. He uses numerous allusions in his poetry. The literary...
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He’ll want to know what you done with the money he gave you To get yourself some teeth. He did, I was there. You have them all out Lil, and get a nice set, He said, I swear, I can’t bare to look at you. And no more can’t I, I said, and think of poor Albert, He’s been in the army for four years, he wants a good time, And if you don’t give it him, there’s others will,...
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